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Brad Putt, a self-employed Florida businessman, and his wife Angelina Jolly had a kinky hobby – they collected children. They collected children, in the sense, that the couple adopted children en masse. They now were the proud parents of children from Africa, India, UAE, Europe and the UN.

Brad didn’t have a self-employed health insurance policy, neither did Angelina have a Florida self-employed health insurance policy, but that’s because she wasn’t self-employed. Brad hadn’t bought hisself-employed health insurance policy from us at JoeFloridaInsurance.com.

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Angelina always wanted to buy a self-employed life insurance policy, and Brad used to dissuade her saying that apolicy was only for self-employed.

But Angelina used to persist. Both were high-grade duffers and their lingo was getting corrupted by the day what with all their multiple-dialect children around.

“Waaa, Waaa, baby wanna buy self-employed health insurance polisee, (gurgle), (gurgle).” Angelina started off before dinner, one day.

“Angelina baby has too much gas in bottom, no need hmo health insurance , loo, loo, loo, loo.” Brad replied, puckering his lips.

“Waaah, Bwana no good, bwana no buy Angelina baby an affordable health insurance polisee, (burp), (fart).”

“Angelina baby not want good manners, she only want Florida self-employed health insurance policy. Angelina baby, it is feedie-feedie time, go have your yum-yum, or Brad papa give Angelina baby boo-boo on her jimmies.”

“Waaagooo, Brad papa bad man. Last night he put binkie in baby mouth and locked her in wee-wee room! Waaa.”

The neighbors who were used to this small business health insurance policy baby talk every night decided enough was enough.

They called in the cops and lodged a complaint against the couple and all self-employed health insurance companies. Brad and Angelina were led away and their children returned back to their pre–adoption homes.

Hey guys, forget Brad and Angellina. Are you guys self-employed in Florida and want to cover your business risks? Come to us at joefloridainsurance.com for all your small group health insurance policy needs!

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