Move Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Summarized View:

Moving is a big decision. If you haven’t done it before you might not realize how important it is, but when you do you will (get that?). In other words, when it comes time to move you’ll realize the important decisions you have to make. For instance, should you move yourself or hire a professional? I’ve made a pros and cons list to show you which is better.

Move Yourself – Pros- If you’re moving somewhere close and have small items, then it’s ideal to move yourself.

- Cost. It’s cheaper to move yourself, but only if you’re moving across town or not too far.

- Don’t have to tip anyone, that’s a bonus

Move Yourself – Cons- You could seriously injure yourself trying to move heavy objects.

- There’s a chance you’ll break your own stuff. This means you’ll have to buy new stuff which costs a lot more than you expected. Shame.

- If you’re moving and using your car you’ll have to make several trips. This is stressful and will use a lot of gas and gas money.

- People will have to help you, and you might have to pay them. If not they might not care about helping, so keep that in mind.

Hire a Professional – Pros

- You don’t get injured because they come and move your heavy things for you.

- Your items won’t get damage because they’re professionals. If they do damage it then they will pay you because it’s their fault.

- You don’t have to pay for gas for their trips, and it’ll probably only take one or two.

- Saves time by making one trip.

- Cheaper in the long run if you factor how much you’d pay for gas, to helpers, and to repairs for the damage you’d inevitably cause.

- Ideal for long trips, such as cross country or international.

Hire a Professional – Cons

- You’ll have to tip, but you’ve budgeted that already, right?

- They cost money.

Overall, moving yourself is ideal only if you’re moving close to home. It’s also good if you’re very, very strapped for cash. However, it might not be feasible to move all the belongings you wish you could. So if you’re moving by yourself you’d have to bring only small stuff, unless you have a lot of dedicated friends. Else, hiring professionals is the way to go.

With professionals, they will come out to your house and help remove even the largest of items. This can range from ovens, to couches, to desks, to piano, to… just about anything else. There might be additional fees for moving things up or down stairs, but realize the alternative – you’d be moving it yourself. Chances are, if you move something large yourself you’re either going to get hurt, or you’re going to break the item.

There aren’t too many cons to hiring a professional either. The fact that it will cost money is the same for any service, so it’s expected. If you budget yourself correctly and find the right mover, you can get it done for a nominal fee. Perhaps you only need help with a few large things, don’t have stairs, have a short driveway, etc. All these things will contribute to lowering the cost of hiring movers, a real steal! In the long run, when you think about gas, travel, and time, hiring movers will be a godsend. Gas alone, with the way the world is today, will definitely upend the cost of hiring movers. So, next time you think: should I move myself or hire a professional? Make the right decision.

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