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“Mr. Alexander Litvivenko, how many times have I told you not to move when I place my smelly socks next to your nose.

“Hold still, if my torture works then your health insurance policy can take care of your hospital costs!” Vladimir Filya told Alexander Litvivenko.

Both were residents of South Florida who used to torture each other just to remember their good old days in Russia.

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“Mr. Filya, you did not have to tie me up before making me smell your smelly socks. I know next you will do the Chinese Saliva torture on me. But, I have my health insurance policy to take care of me, Mr. Filya! Do what you want! Nyaah-Nyaah-Na-Na-Nyaah!” Alexander retorted.

“No, Mr. Alexander, I will not do the Chinese saliva torture next. You are too used to that. I will pluck your nose hair with my little tweezer. Then we shall see what your health insurance policy can do to help you, Mr. Alexander.”

“Oh-ho, My health insurance policy covers nose bleeding and nose baldness, Mr. Filya, you are wasting your time challenging my policy. Ha, ha, ha” Alexander provoked Filya.

“You are crossing your limit, Mr. Alexander! Okay, I shall get 3 Soviet nuclear scientists to do a nude cabaret before you right now. Does your insurance policy cover disgusting vision loss, Mr. Alexander? Does your policy cover you if any isotopes fell off the scientists’ bodies and landed in your mouth, Mr. Alexander? Huh?””

“Oh, God, Mr. Filya don’t do that to me! My policy does not cover those clauses.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. Death to all insurance policies, Mr. Alexander!”

We don’t know what happened next but the moral of this story is that a health insurance policy is good for both residents and immigrants settled in South Florida.

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