Tallahassee Dental Insurance Plans Dental Insurance in Tallahassee Makes Your Teeth White, Not Blond

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“Paris, baby, I went to my dentist today holding a jar of grape jelly and I didn’t pay anything because I had a dental insurance policy” Blonde pop star Britney Spear told her buddy Paris Hilbun.

“So what’s new, you senile space bitch, I go to my dentist daily! You’re not the only one having a dental insurance policy, y’know, you dismembered Hispanic


“Tee-hee, shut your cute talk for a minute, Paris. I wanted to disgust my dentist so much that he would puke his guts outright in front of me, ya rabid rabbit!”

“Ooooh, this sounds like fun! A dental insurance policy is such fun, Britney!”

“First he asked me why I was holding the jar of grape jelly, and I told him I’d brought it along just he accidentally amputated my erect tongue and red blood splattered out of my mouth! Hee, hee, you should have seen the look on his face! That dental insurance policy sure clued me on to a whole lotta fun.”

“Oooo, what happened next, Britney?”

“Then I told him I wanted to take my pants off because my wart covered wazoo wanted some fresh air! First he seemed excited. But poor man didn’t know I hadn’t waxed my legs for the last 2 months! And to top it I had my legs massaged with loads of Vaseline made of fish fat! That stunk him, Paris,you should have seen his face, ha ha ha! Boy, a dental insurance policy sure has its benefits!”

“Cooo, a dental insurance policy is sure exciting! What happened then!”

“Then he tightened his face mask and was working on my teeth when I burped my load on his face and told him I was having a bowel movement and I couldn’t wait! Hee, hee, he ran out of the room in disgust, Paris! Boy, that insurance policy sure turned the heat on him!”

“Wow, Britney, you’re a cool blonde. Tomorrow I’m going to do the same to my dentist. Long live a dental insurance policy!”

Paris put the phone down trembling with excitement and thinking of new, creative ways of torturing her dentist.

That was about Paris and Britney and their cool dental insurance policy.

Look you may not want to torture your dentist, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need an insurance policy.

So, if you want to lay your hands on a policy, what are you waiting for?

You are at the right site, and we are networked with the best companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a great policy.

Go ahead; try us out, our web site ain’t blond!

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