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Juliette Lewdis blew her top. .

Day in and day out she was reading about Ursula Undress and Halle Beery being voted the sexiest James Band women and she couldn't take it any more.

So she bought a health insurance policy from our site,ditched her boyfriend, Winnebago Sioux.

Cheap Health Insurance In Florida

Then she made tracks into the office of the Tallahassee-based producers of the James Band franchise.

"Ursula Undress, Pthoo. Halle Beery, eeewwww! I can beat those witches any day! Look at my toned body and my feisty attitude!Plus I have a bigger health insurance policy than those biotches!" Juliette spewed venom at the producers' office.

"Juliette, relax, we're not saying you don't fit the role, nor are we disputing about the size of your health insurance policy. Please relax."

"Sexy? You call those imbecile fags sexy? Look at me in the eye and say that if you mean it. My body is so perfect that the insurance companies lowered my health insurance premiums! Did you know that, you pair of dorky retards?"

"Juliette, we cannot look you in the eye right now and talk to you about your figure or your health insurance policy…"

"Why can't you do that? Why can't you poopy faces face the truth? My pulmonary artery is better than theirs, the pharyngeal part of my tongue is more exciting, I have an extra growth on my cerebellum, and my health insurance policy covers more ailments than theirs. Tell me how am I not better than those two!"

"That's because you ain't wearing anything July baby. Next James Band flick we make, you're in, Juliette, and we'll pay the premiums on your insurance plan from now on!"

That was how a health insurance policy got Juliette lead role!

How about you? Sure, you want to act in a James Band flick, but that doesn't mean you don't buy our policy!

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