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David Hasslehoof, star of Buywatches, chomped hard on his cigar and looked with menacing eyes at his daughters’ boyfriends Tim and Tom.

An evil grin played on his face.

He wondered if Tim and Tom were covered by a health insurance plan in Tampa . They would need a policy by the time he had finished with them.

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“Blood and gore will splatter on your face, Take all my violence if you can, Doctors may help your finished case, If you've bought a health insurance plan in Tampa.” David chanted to Tom and Tim, grinning evilly.

David had taken to satanic poetry after no one gave him work in the Tampa film industry.

“Err, sir, we don't understand. Do you want us to buy a health insurance policy in Tampa at this young age?” Tim asked.

“You fetid pigs are seeing my daughters. And you don't have health insurance in Tampa. Soon both of you will land in bloody waters. I will cut off your Kwaanza.” David animatedly sang out loud, sipping on the goblet of blood-red wine he was holding.

“Sir, we get your message. We'll stop seeing your daughters. We'll even speak to an insurance broker in Tampa. Can you get up from our chests now?” They implored.

“Never see my girl children or I'll get my evil sword. Along with my witchy wife, and the blessings of the Lord, Hail, mighty Beelzeebub. I will rejoice as I wring the last drop of blood from your bodies.” David said as he got up from their chests.

Tim and Tom scurried away and the first thing they did was they bought an affordable insurance policy from our web site.

They just didn't feel not safe with David around. Not even if they didn't go near his daughters.

That was how we helped Tim and Tom with a policy.

How about you?

Sure, you're not seeing David Hasslehoof's daughters, but that doesn't mean you don’t need buy a policy!

Our web site is networked with quality companies who are eagerly waiting to offer you the most affordable insurance in Tampa.

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