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You can start selling Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense and other products Today! Send us your first application (applications below) along with the eContracting/Appointing (link above) and start selling Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance to people aged between 50 and 80 right now! The Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan offers your clients security in knowing that their final expenses are covered, no matter what. This guaranteed insurance will provide up to $25,000 towards leftover debt, medical bills and funeral expenses. First application to the client must be in paper form - afterwards over the phone - eApp selling allowed. In order to expedite matters please eContract/Appoint 10 business days before your first application.

Agent Benefits Comprise:

  • Free Leads
  • Competitive premium rates
  • Direct contracting/Appointing
  • Electronic Application (E-Apps)
  • Agent website with full term life and FEX quote engine (via NAAIP)
  • ContractedAppointed agents able to sell Whole Life Insurance (50k-1 million - ages 18-70), Simplified Senior Life Insurance ($25K - $100K - age 50-80), Guaranteed Issue FEX ($5K to $25K - ages 50-80), The College Plan (10K to $150K), the Grow-Up Plan (14 days to 14 years - $5K to $50K) & Accident Insurance (ages 18 to 69 - $50K to $250K).

Gerber Life Simplified Senior Life

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Client Benefits Comprise:

  • $25,000 cash benefit available (at 50-80 years old)
  • Low premium rates
  • Application guaranteed, easy issue plan
  • Policy provides cash value if required
  • No medical questions asked
  • All clients approved

Simplified Issue Senior Whole Life Client Benefits Comprise:

  • $25,000 to $100,000 cash benefit available (at 50-80 years old)
  • Decisions are made quickly and generally within a minute from the time a digital or telephone application is submitted
  • No required medical exams for applicants age 70 and under
  • An Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) Rider is offered at no additional cost

Whole Life Client Benefits Comprise:

  • Offered to those 18 to 70 years old - Up to $1,000,000 in permanent whole life insurance coverage.
  • Decisions are generally made within a minute from the time a digital or telephone application is submitted for applicants under age 51 seeking coverage up to $300,000 (no medical exam-simplified issue)
  • When a medical exam is required (full underwriting), decisions are made in a timely manner
  • An Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) Rider is offered at no additional cost
  • A Disability Waiver of Premium Rider is available for an additional cost
  • Premiums, death benefits and cash value accumulation are guaranteed
  • U.S. Citizens and permanent legal residents can apply for $50,000 (age 50 and above must be over $100,000) up to $1,000,000 in life insurance protection, and if approved, have coverage that can last a lifetime (as long as premiums are paid)

The Grow-Up® Plan Client Benefits Comprise:

  • A gift that Doubles - Your Grow-Up® Plan not only provides up to $50,000 of whole life insurance protection now, but the coverage amount automatically doubles during age 18, at no extra cost!
  • Security for Today and Tomorrow - As soon as you get the Grow-Up® Plan, you lock in a childhood premium rate that's guaranteed never to increase.
  • A Plan that Grows - In addition to the coverage amount automatically doubling, your child will have several opportunities to increase coverage as an adult. Thanks to you, your child can always have protection to count on.

The College Plan Client Benefits Comprise:

  • Guaranteed safe growth – no matter what happens with the economy or the stock market, your money is guaranteed to grow in value over time
  • The flexibility to use the money for college or anything else – without any penalty
  • No big upfront investment – start a plan for as little as $10/week
  • Life insurance protection – if the unthinkable happens before your College Plan reaches maturity, the full benefit amount is paid to your child (as beneficiary)

Accident Protection Insurance Benefits Comprise:

  • Immediate Security for Just Pennies A Day
  • Approval Is Guaranteed
  • Optional Coverage for Spouse and Children
  • And Your Rates Are Guaranteed to Never Increase!
  • Issue ages, face amounts and optional coverage vary by state.


Gerber Life is a New York Domiciled Carrier

Being a New York company affects commission levels and that effect is pronounced on the Whole Life and Simplified Senior Whole Life. On a positive note, these two products the rates are an extremely good values.


Product Overviews:

The average cost of a funeral will amount to approximately $10,000. Should your client's family experience an unexpected fatality, they could be faced with additional distress from the financial difficulties a death in the family can create.


The excellent value Final expense Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan eases the burden of your clients' final expense bills by providing up to $25,000 which helps pay for leftover debt, medical bills, and funeral fees. In addition, these Final expense Life policies build a cash value over time, which your client can access should they need the money earlier than planned.

These are graded death benefit whole life plans from Final expense Life. If the cause of death is accidental, the beneficiary receives 100% of the death benefit. Should a client die within the first 24 months of the plan, for anything other than accidental reasons, all premiums are returned to the beneficiary, plus 10% interest on their payments. After this period, clients will receive the full face amount of the policy, irrespective of cause of death. There are no medical examinations or health questions asked with Final expense's guaranteed issue final expense policy.


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