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 Find out how much you can save!
All Medicare Supplement Plans Are Created Equal! 

Did you know different Insurance Companies charge different premiums on Medigap plans for the exact same policy and coverage?


What's the difference? Only the price or profit an insurance company wishes to embed in their premium. That is the only difference.

The benefits are all the exact same throughout all insurance companies that offer Medigap coverage. All plan are standardized by the federal government (see your Medicare & You Book) which means that they are the exact same plans and same exact coverage They all by law MUST pay the bills on Medicare-approved claims.

While it is important to shop with “A” rated insurance carriers for strength, it is equally important that seniors not fall in love with a “brand name” with Medicare Supplement Insurance. Why? Because a policy with one company does not pay or offer any more benefits that a policy with a lesser known insurance company. They all function the exact same way.

Many seniors will say, Well I don’t want to switch because I’m happy with the company I have because they pay all the bills”. The fact is the are required by law to pay all the bills, just like any insurance company that offers Medicare Supplements!

You will not find one thing different between the bills that were paid with the more expensive companies than the bills paid by the less expensive companies.What are you paying a higher premium for? You are paying for the insurance companies bigger profits, for their commercials and branding. All in order to get that brand name, but you are paying the price in your monthly premiums and the rate increases you experience.

What can you do to get a better rate? Contact us today, we can show you right on your computer screen all of the companies offering YOUR exact same plan, side by side so you can see how much you can save.

We do the work for you. Our free evaluation service typically saves clients $600-$800 a year and if you are married $1200-1600!

What will change when you switch your insurance company? Only the logo on your  insurance card. That's it! You can still go to your same doctors, bills will be paid and your service will not change. Everything will still be filed through Medicare.

What are you waiting for?

                                  Call us today and see how much you can start saving!  

Get a free evaluation today. Call us today (720) 377-5327

Download your free copy of Medicare & You 2019: 


                     "The Medicare Guy" Steve Hansen - Insurance Licensed since 1987

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