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Summarized View:

We believe that a great deal of public education is necessary regarding the sale of pre existing condition insurances as health care products and relatd services according to the association representing benefits specialists.

Legitimate preexisting condition insurance plans do not provide health insurance coverage to consumers, but they do offer consumers discounts on certain healthcare products and services when they are purchased through designated quality providers. Many mainstream health insurances offer valid discount health care for certain non-covered services, such as prescription drugs, dental or vision care

Authorized prescription drug discount cards are provided by Medicare and many legitimate health care assistance programs. AAHU believes that these types of cards often provide valuable purchasing assistance to individuals for services or products that may not be covered by their health care insurance plan.

Pre Existing Condition Insurance Report by the American Association of Health Underwriters

Licensed producers and consumers must understand the fees for health services provided by the pre existing condition insurances, according to the AAHU. Many of these plans are marketed as nothing more than a policy, and utilize a valid network of providers and negotiate true discounted service rates for their customers.

Unfortunately, some health insurance plans hve been found to be fraudulent products that do not provide the consumers who have paid the fees to use them with any benefits.

Discount plans are frequently marketed to consumers regardless of their health insurance status, misleading consumers. Some of these plans falsely claim to provide health insurance coverage when they actually provide no financial protection in the event of a serious health care situation.

Financial protection is promised but not offered in many cases if a catastrophic health event occurs. Some plans use the terminology that is commonly associated with health insurace products in their solicitations, which may give consumers the false impression that they are purchasing real health insurance.

Charging excessive fees for the use of their services, some medical discount cards cost more than the benefits that are provided. In some cases, an individual might be able to purchase true health insurance coverage for a comparable price.

Individuals encouraged to drop existing health insurance coverage in favor of discounts or programs may jeopardize their future insurability.

The experts at AAHU opposes to any type of medical discount programs that purports to give consumers a reduced rate for health care services when in fact it does not.

AAHU believes that state consumer protection authorities should take aggressive action against any entity or individual that offers or sells faulty discount plans.

Belief that any that actually provides health care consumers with lower rates on products or services should be clearly marketed as such, per the AAHU.

State consumer protection authorities should take action against any entity or individual who offers or sells a product that deliberately claims to be a discount health insurance card when it is not.

Plans should not falsely using the term “insurance”, we believe that such plans should not use any health insurance terminology in product promotions to avoid giving consumers a false impression.

Consumers should Use caution when purchasing discount cards and take steps to ensure that the products they are purchasing are both legitimate and a sound value in AAHU's view. Furthermore, we believe that all licensed health insurance producers that assist with the sale of the pre existing condition products have the obligation to:

Merchants should Educate their clients about such health care products, Explain that they are not the same as health care insurance coverage, and ensure that any pre-existing condition insurance they sell provides both value to the consumer and is the product that best fits their client's individual situation and needs.

Legitimate health care may not be the purchasing option for many even though they give valuable discounts, it is AAHU's view that every individual's health and financial situation is different

Guaranteed issue plan might provide reduced rates and is clearly marketed as a pre existing condition insurance program, as opposed to a health insurance product, but it can be a legitimate health care purchasing option.

Examples of consumers that might benefit from a health care program include individuals with high-deductible health care insurance coverage, individuals with consumer-directed health care plans, and individuals who would like to utilize medical care services but are unable to afford a traditional health care insurance plan.

AAHU believes individuals have the right to choose the health care delivery products that best suit their personal situations. Health care insurance professionals that assist with such transactions should provide advice that ensures that each consumer buys the product that best meets his or her needs

No one solution exists for providing access to healthcare that will perfectly meet every single American's needs.

We welcome you with open arms to real health insurance that will accept you for who you are.

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