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Don’t Kiss Your Connecticut Dental Insurance Policy

“Come baby, give us a hot, wet kiss. And don’t worry, I won’t get anything from you – I’m well covered by a nice Minnesota dental insurance policy!” Paris Hilton commanded her dentist, with whom she was starting to have an affair.

As soon as the lusty dentist locked his lips with Paris, she produced a lit cigar out of nowhere in her right hand and then snuffed it out on the dentist’s tongue. The guy went mad screaming in pain leaving Paris a bit perplexed – she’d heard that after a good session, men love cigars! Boy, this dentist was stupid!

Oh, well, time for an affair with another dentist – no point wasting the Minnesota dental insurance policy, Paris thought to herself. So she saw another dentist and she said to him huskily, “Come rest your forehead on mine and look into my eyes, sweet dentist, and I’ll give you a sweet and fun pash from my tender lips!”

This dentist was a horny guy too and he did what Paris told him to do. After resting her forehead on his and looking into his eyes for 3 whole minutes, Paris asked him, “How did you like it, my master?”

“Alting hanont braddere mededing!” The dentist replied.

Damn! Paris thought to herself! Either she shouldn’t have taken hypnotism lessons before meeting this dentist or this dentist was a friggin’ redneck! Paris cursed herself silently because it was getting time to fly back to LA – she hadn’t succeeded in making out with a Minnesota dentist the day she met one, which was her childhood dream. She wept all the way to the airport. But don’t worry guys; she’ll come back another day for sure.

OK, that was about Paris: now, let’s talk about you! You may not want to kiss your dentist, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Minnesota dental insurance policy!

A Minnesota dental insurance policy will take care of your teeth and make you smile all the time.

Remember, our site is networked with the best Minnesota insurance companies and we can get you a real cool, affordable Minnesota dental insurance policy in no time. So, go right ahead and take a Minnesota dental insurance policy right from this site: cheap dental health insurance!

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