Guaranteed Acceptance Health Insurance Just For You

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We offer some comprehensive insurance coverage that is guaranteed acceptance, for both individual cover and the complete family. We provide guaranteed acceptance health insurance plans at even less cost, and just to reaffirm, we mean real and genuine insurance of health. We do not sell any discount card. Even if your application of insurance was refused or rejected in the past, we will still offer you guaranteed acceptance.


The most affordable plans that we offer have coverage for:


* Prescriptions
* Doctor visits
* Hospital stays
* Blood tests
* Surgery
* Check-ups
* X-rays
* Emergency room

Those who have already taken a health insurance policy can also profit from us by getting our insurance coverage at extremely lower monthly premium rates. You can also up the coverage limit or both. When you place a call, you will get to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents, who have wide experience and appropriate certification to assist you. They will advise you on the insurance policy that will be best for you, keeping in mind your budgetary and other requirements.

Whoever you are, a doctor, a lawyer, or any other professional and whatever your income is, affordable guaranteed acceptance insurance is what we are proud of. Our affordable insurance is not just a gimmick to market our product, we provide real affordable insurance. We are sure you will see the benefits of our guaranteed acceptance health insurance once you buy the plan. Call us right now to get the best guaranteed acceptance health insurance, you will not regret it.

Why Buy Insurance?

The need for buying an insurance cover stems from the fact that you need savings, and insurance is the best way to do that. Health coverage will give you much needed relief in case you fall ill, or need to have a surgery after suffering an injury or fall.

Normally, health insurance is thought of last in the priority list, or is neglected completely. But wrongly so, as even if minimal costs are calculated, the medical bills are hard to pay and beyond the capacity of average earning person. These medical costs can harm you financially for many years in the future. You might also be refused treatment on poor financial grounds.

Guaranteed issue plans will accept you

These guaranteed issue plans of the US government for the benefit of those people who have pre-existing conditions has made life a lot easier for them. Many private insurance firms have extended their best possible plans to take you in with the pre-existent conditions.

More Benefits

We are happy to say that we are providing superior plans for those having preexisting conditions such as diabetes, cancer, etc. These guaranteed plans are as per HIPAA norms in terms of portability and pre-existing conditions.

Don’t Worry if You Have Existing Medical Condition

If you have certain medical conditions that prevent you from enrolling in an affordable insurance coverage, invest in our guaranteed acceptance plan.

This may be the only saving option you have, but it will prove to be the best bet in the long run. One main feature of this plan is that the person insured can make good use of PPO network and enjoy savings considerably.

You Are Always Accepted

Due to having preexisting conditions, you might be kept on waiting period by some policies, while some may allow you fast access. To know more about such insurance coverage, talk to our licensed agent.

Real Insurance Plan: The Guaranteed Issue

The real health insurance that we are offering is the best in the industry to manage a real problem.
Insurance agents are welcome to check out our presentation and plans.

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