Affordable Dental Plans Between Jobs

Summarized View:

Jay Simmons was ending his day as usual – sipping coffee at Jerry's diner and smoking cigarettes in between sips.

His face shows none of the worry that's brewing inside him. Jay's work at a software development company has gone down the tubes. He was just one of the fifty people who got laid off today. With a child and wife to support, he wonders if his family can make it through unscathed.

Would I have to lose my teeth by gnashing them? Jay asked himself. He suddenly remembered the premiums due for his affordable dental plan.

Then, a familiar figure sat across him at the table. It was Faith, a fellow casualty at the workplace.

Faith also ordered coffee, but unlike Jay's tense coolness, Faith was in good humor.

Faith began,"I guess we own our time now, huh?"

Jay put out his cigarette. "Something like that, but I'm more worried than you, I guess. My son's already five and you know what that means for me. More bills to pay. I don't even know if i can still afford my affordable dental plan."

"Hah. That's quite an irony. Jay doesn't know if he can still afford his affordable dental plan...You paying too much premium for that Jay?"

He nodded.

"Well, at least I'm not worried about that," Faith continued, "I know I can still pay for my affordable dental plan even now that I'm out of a dang job."

Jay leaned towards Faith. "I don't think you're worried about anything, an affordable dental plan or otherwise. Say, do you have someone who's paying for your affordable dental plan? I never heard you have a husband."

"Nah, don't have some sweet hubby paying for my affordable dental plan. My affordable dental plan is just damn affordable, unlike yours I guess."

Jay smiled. "Say, where did you get your affordable dental plan? I really won't mind losing my affordable dental plan if I could have an even more affordable dental plan."

"My affordable dental plan? I got it from Look it up on the Internet. It's quite easy to find."

After second cups of coffee. Jay and Faith parted knowing that they can still have an affordable dental plan even when they're between jobs.

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