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Thank you for taking the first step to sell America's number one HIPAA compliant Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy.

We happen to be web design geeks and have many free leads. Our free lead program are from our web site Leads that come in on naaip-health-insurance we actually sell or give to our top producers. The sale is paperless and only takes about 10 minutes. There are paper applications but we prefer doing the online version since the sale can be so fast.

Our web design company owns 60 or so web sites in various stages of development including a few at the top of the search engines for words like “Canadian drug store”, ”web design”, “political chat room”, etc. We are working real hard on “term life insurance” right now via a web site called and wish to be #1 for “medicare part d” with eventually.

The Medicare supplement & advantage leads that we will be giving you are super-high quality and are giving local insurance agents 90% close ratios. Hundreds of leads are arriving on a daily basis and we are making appointments for local agents. We have top quality appointment setters. Our company has no great desire to figure out who has the lowest priced supplemental plan in each zip code, gender, smoking status, etc.

Many prospects end up taking the advantage plan or will be switching back and forth between the advantage/supplement in the years to come. In addition, successful local agents are developing relationships with the the client and are offering needed financial products that we will discuss with you at a future date.

In many areas of the country Advantage Plans must be sold via a witnessed signature. Of course, my office could get licensed with Unicare-Wellpoint which allows internet sales. Of course, Unicare-Wellpoint could change this policy on the drop of a dime. Unicare is in many of the 50 states. In addition, there are insurers that are starting to allow online sales for the Advantage and supplement. The agent just has to figure out which insurer. We have no interest as to which Medicare supplement or advantage plan that the local agent will sell.

Our web site,, is at the top of the search engine for all the terms related to this field and we are a big target for the dozens of Medicare insurers that we would not be sending business to. To cut to the chase, we want to give these Medicare appointments to local agents.

Our web site is a strong number one in Google for “guaranteed health insurance” and “Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance.” Dallying with the various discount plans had taught us that there was a tremendous need in this country for a true HIPAA certified health insurance.

AIM Health Plans made us an offer that we could not refuse. The AIM product was licensed in all 50 states which gave us the opportunity to recruit and sell HIPAA certified coverage everywhere. AIM Health Plans wanted us to take over their agent recruitment, web site and sell a bit on the side.

Very quickly, We got our computers programmers and designers to build AIM a rock solid, user-friendly web site that allows the client to enroll online. By cutting the administrative expenses we were able to increase agent commissions.

Benefits were increased to the client. Inpatient and outpatient surgeries are now being paid based on the Medicare reimbursement schedule. This is an easy to understand client benefit that has increased to agent close ratios and client “stay on” ratios exponentially.

In the virtual world transparency is so important. We’ll give the agent a free Medicare lead/appointment for every sale. Contact us after the sale so that we can move your commission up and give you the free lead/appointment.

AIM Health Plans is the best product on the market today.

  • AIM has a pretty, more user friendly web site than anybody else in the industry.
  • AIM has substantial benefits for the money. 100% of Medicare reimbursement schedule (no max) for inpatient and outpatient surgeries. The client is under the impression that this is a huge amount of insurance which helps close the sale.
  • AIM’s agent web site has no company contact information on it so the agent can feel comfortable getting paid for his/her work.
  • Our research has shown that presenting AIM Health Plans to the client causes a quicker sale than any other health insurance product in the industry.
  • We all know that a HIPAA certification allows a person to move over into a group health insurance policy (through employment, etc) with no pre-ex waiting period.

How to get licensed:

Call us and we'll send you the contracting

or go to Our health insurance agent page to sign up for our real time exclusive lead program. You will be automatically sent a contract.

When you make a sale please contact us so that we can get our appointment setters to schedule an appointment for the Medicare Advantage/supplement in your area that will lead to a sale. If you are not in the Medicare market, please look into that market and we we will arrange your scheduled appointments at a future date.

Here are some AIM rules.

  • Client may only change plan design (ie: diamond to Healthmax plus) at open enrollment January 1st of each year. If a change is submitted after January 1st the plan design will not be able to be changed until the following year January 1st. (This does not apply to plan tier changes ie; change from single to family or vice a versa)
  • If a client terminates or withdraws from a plan they can only reapply in 90 days. No exceptions.
  • Once a plan is submitted clients may only add riders as standalone plans via the web enrollment. (This does not affect the catalyst RX card which can be added @ any time)
  • Terminations can only be done so in writing sent either by fax or email.
  • Enrollment fees are non refundable (this was already in place but being reiterated)
  • Standalone plans are only available for a 1st of the month enrollment date. Only the health plans have a 15th effective date.

Please note health plans effective on the 15th of the month will not have the riders available until the following 1st month effective date.

You will be receiving another email with the above mentioned rules in printable PDF format along with effective date deadlines and billing dates from our marketing dept.

Here are some notes that for the most common questions about the AIM product:

Pre-existing 12 month for all benefits except drugs and accident if not have HIPAA Certification.

Accident has 100 deduct with 1,000 to 5,000 benefits on the Silver, Gold and Diamond. The Health Max Plus offers the accident insurance as a rider.

Surgical schedule at 50, 80, and 100% of Medicare schedule

HIPAA is 63 days. If insurance has lapsed over the 63 days then there will be a 1 year wait.

Cutoff on 15th of month and the 1st of the month. As earned commissions. You get paid as long as the client pays.

$175 for an individual till $349 for an individual. Family plans are more.

Non and late payment info: For those who pay via bank draft - the draft is on the 15th to have the client bank be effected on the 16th. If non-sufficient funds another attempt will be made on the 22nd to have the client bank be effected on the 23rd (with a $30 surcharge). When we are notified of the 2nd bounce by the 28th the agent will be contacted via email and/or phone by our billing girl Eileen.

if no feedback then the client will be contacted via email/phone by Eileen. We now have 15th of the month effective dates and similar timeline will be in effect.

A money order is required to be in the office by the 10th of the month. Long time clients are allowed to send a check. Otherwise cancelation letters will be mailed on the 10th. There is always the option to switch to the credit card billing. We need a fax in writing and there will be a 2.5 surcharge. Credit cards are charged immediately and 9 days before the effective month thereafter.

After the second try without success, our billing girl Eileen will contact the client directly. If the client is not successfully contacted by Eileen then the agent will be contacted via email/phone. There is a $30 surcharge for credit card processing the 3rd time.


Any individual and their dependents that are:

  • Between the ages of 16 to 65
  • Performing the normal activities of a person of like age and gender;
  • Reside in the United States;
  • Not in full-time service of the Armed Force;
  • Not receiving workers comp or disability benefits
  • Not eligible for Medicare
  • Not currently pregnant
  • 18 and younger is dependent, or unmarried full time students till age 25

Electronic bank billing from the 25-29th of month for the first month, 15th of the month is billed thereafter for 1st of the month effective date. The 15th of the month effective date has the 8th of the month for the first EFT and the 1st thereafter. Credit card billing will be instantaniously for the first month and the on the 21st of month afterwards. An extra 3% percent is charged for credit card payments. The one time application fee does not have a credit card surcharge.

The client will be sent the policy close to the effective date of the policy, and they will have a 10 day free look.

Insurance Agents should know that AIM health plans are very sellable and there are agents who are becoming reasonably wealthy from this arrangement. Agents need to licensed in their home state but are able to sell this product in all 44 states due to our association status.

David Gordon

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