Apply for Cancer Insurance that is Guaranteed

Summarized View:

Applying for cancer insurance provides lot of health benefits to children till the age of 19 years, and also to pregnant women irrespective of age, provided they meet the guidelines. Apply for cancer health enrollees obtain care from a large number of medical providers through A rated companies.

Who is Eligible?

Those eligible for our program:

Women who are pregnant, irrespective of age.

Those who have been rejected by other health insurers

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What are the benefits?

Why buy health insurance when you can get a complete benefit package for one affordable price? Introducing a true insurance plan with immediate coverage available to you and your family.

With this plan you get:

  • Hospitalization (ICU, surgery coverage)
  • 4 Prescription benefits
  • Accident coverage
  • Long and short-term disability coverage
  • AD&D coverage (accidental death and dismemberment)
  • 2 dental policies
  • 2 vision policies
  • Hearing policy
  • America's biggest PPO network

...and much more

Guaranteed acceptance is assured for everyone. This plan is guaranteed issue. There is absolutely no underwriting. No medical history is required for anyone. All of the benefits are bundled into one package for one affordable monthly cost. You select the level of benefit you want:


Numerous choices are available now. In addition to Value Select Plus, there is also the Health Choice Plus program, which is a subset, including hospitalization, accident and disability, but no dental, vision, pharmacy and AD&D. Prices for each plan are:

Monthly premiums are:

Plan 300 single $69
Plan 300 family $99

Plan 500 single $109
Plan 500 family $169

Plan 700 single $154
Plan 700 family $295

Plan 1000 single $194
Plan 1000 family $385

Beware! Many people have had disastrous experiences in the past with faulty plans.

So we welcome you with open arms to real health insurance that will accept you for who you are. Visit our cancer health insurance page for a decent plan.

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