Avalon Health – Affordable Healthcare for Florida Residents

Summarized View:

Avalon Healthcare is an insurance company that offers a variety of affordable insurance coverage for people living in the state of Florida. Their major insurance products are high deductible PPO plans, Health Reimbursement Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts. Such plans are designed to help small employers offer insurance for heath to their employees at a lower cost in addition to helping people meet the costs of co pays and deductibles not covered by their other policies.

Focus works for the Uninsured Individual

The line of health insurance plans offered for individuals by Avalon Healthcare is called IFocus, and is split into several distinct categories. For consumers who are used to a co-pay based plan there is an IFocus plan that is essentially a high deductible plan with PPO benefits similar to a traditional plan. The deductibles on these plans begin at $1,000 annually. This kind of plan works well for an individual who is likely to utilize a lot of medical services within a calendar year. Dental and optical benefits can be added at an additional cost.

Other IFocus individual products include a no co-pay high deductible plan and a line of Health Savings Accounts which allow individuals to contribute money tax free to be used to offset the cost of co pays, prescription drugs and other services not covered under existing insurance plans, such as new contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Individuals are also offered a number of voluntary plans, which can be either purchased alone or as an add-on to a group plan. Such plans offered by Avalon Healthcare include Critical Care and Cancer Insurance as well as Life and Disability insurance products. A line of high deductible health plans are also offered by Avalon Healthcare to decrease the cost of offering effective health care insurance to their employees.

Great Customer Service Improves the Avalon Experience

One of the most impressive things about Avalon Healthcare for many of its customers is the level of support they have access to. The company places a high value on patient education as a way of helping their customers make health decisions that make sense both medically and financially. Avalon Health Care has an impressive advocacy program in place that can be of great help to those who are trying to receive the care they want at a price that is not going to spell financial ruin.

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