What is a Limited Medical Plan?

Summarized View:

Limited medical plans provide less benefit than regular medical insurance but for a lower cost. They only cover medical costs up to a certain low level. Any fees incurred above that level have to be paid for by the patient.

For example, the plans will normally cover a broken arm or a case of food poisoning but anything more major will likely have to be paid for out of the patients own pocket.

The main problem with the plans occurs when the people who buy them don’t fully understand their limitations and expect to be covered for things that they are not. This can result in large and unexpected bills coming through the door after treatment.

If the person who purchased the plan understands that it is a higher risk option than regular medical insurance, and they are willing to accept this in exchange for lower monthly premiums, then there is no problem. It is simply a choice open for people to make.

In fact, for those who are a rejected from regular insurance, or simply cannot afford the charges, a limited medical plan offers at least some cover. However, anyone who is not young and healthy cannot expect to be covered for all their medical fees every year. Still, for some it may be the only option.

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