Discount Dental Benefits: Better Than Asking for a Raise

Summarized View:

Fresh out of college, Loren was happy to be working as personal assistant for the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine in Manhattan.

The job required Loren to dress up, which wasn't really a problem because she's always had the flair for fashion. But her dresses can also do so much for her. Her smoking days in college had left stains on her teeth and she badly needed to clean them up for a pearly white. (Her yellowed teeth only matched her cream colored dresses.)

But Loren will have to wait.

Like many others, her employer doesn't provide for discount dental benefits. Her employer is only part of a statistic: 35% of large employers in America do not provide discount dental benefit to their employees. Loren is also part of a statistic: 108 million Americans do not have discount dental benefits.

This is the enamel-hard fact on discount dental benefit: many still do not have discount dental benefits. {dental facts}

At, we're trying our best to make discount dental benefits accessible to as many people as possible. It's not about the money. We just believe that all Americans deserve to have it like a birthright. has three discount dental benefit plans that, when combined, cover almost all of America 's 125,000 dentists. Plan 1 offers 30 national and regional plans that offer 10% to 60% discounts on most dental procedures. Plan 2 reimburses plan holders on check-ups, simple cleaning, root-canals, crowns and full dentures. Plan 3 offers savings of 20% to 60% on most dental procedures, at rates that start at $11.95 a month per family.

The best thing about these discount dental benefit plans is that there is no waiting period for any of them. The full benefits may be availed of as soon as possible. So, if you're like Loien, why not talk to your boss about discount dental benefits? You'll have more success there than asking for a raise.

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