Health Insurance & Cancer

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Article by Doctor Grant E. Williams, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine
Boston University Medical Center - Cambridge, MA

Cancer, the Insurance Industry and You

Finding comprehensive insurance can be difficult for those suffering from a preexisting condition such as cancer. The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be 1,529,560 more cancer cases in 2011. It is a sad but true fact that those who need the security of insurance the most are often denied it because they pose a risk to insurance companies due to their greater chance of claiming on their policy.

There is currently a cancer prevalence of almost twelve million people in the US today, and this grim figure grows each year. That means one person in every 36 will probably be denied insurance.

A Constantly Growing Problem

Our company feels this is unfair and frankly unethical. We will guarantee insurance for those with cancer at the best rates. With the World Health organization predicting that as of 2011 cancer will become the leading cause of death around the world, it is of utmost importance that we continue to supply insurance policies to those suffering from cancer and remain as experts in providing insurance to cancer patients.

Cancer is a global burden, and the cause of one in every eight deaths worldwide, but with a US survival rate of over 68%, the figures show that with adequate care, there are good chances of recovering. We are proud of our record of helping those with breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and any condition that would usually render an individual uninsurable.

Our Pre-existing Insurance Policies

Naturally, insurance companies are not keen on providing insurance for health to cancer patients. The HIPAA Act 1996 determined that insurance for health carriers may or may not cover pre-existing conditions such as cancer. Insurance companies are therefore at liberty not to cover cancer patients in the health plans that they sell.

Huge problems confront millions of Americans in meeting the growing health care expenses from specific diseases. There are spurious health insurance policies issued by companies such as Cinergy Health that promise guaranteed acceptance health plan for patients suffering from cancer. These faulty plans further claim coverage of expenses incurred by cancer survivors towards doctor's visits, prescription drugs and other health care procedures.

Benefits offered in these plans are unsatisfactory and cancer patients taking these plans are often forced to pay the whole of the medical expense bills from their own pocket. Our organization promises and delivers a comprehensive plan that guarantees acceptance for patients of cancer with pre existing conditions.

Real Policies, Real Benefits

Real health insurance is provided by PPO network re-pricing that ensures big savings for clients. We make promises that are kept and never refuse insurance to certain groups.

By applying for our guaranteed issue plan, you will find immediate peace of mind as we accept all, unconditionally, making it easier for you to carry on with life, not bounded by monetary concerns.
With the first national study in Atlanta of cancer patients and insurance concluding that uninsured cancer patients are twice as likely to die, nobody can afford not to have adequate insurance today. Although survival rates are improving (from 50% in 1975 to almost 70% today) thanks to better public awareness, healthcare and government health initiatives, it is all the more imperative that you have sufficient coverage to receive these benefits.

Plans are also available for cancer, diabetes, and other pre-existing conditions.

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