How to Apply for Cancer Medical Insurance

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If you don’t have cancer

…and want to apply for cancer medical insurance the first thing to do is speak to your existing insurer to see if you are already covered. It is important to check what your insurance will pay for and what they won’t. Similarly, it is good to check what kind of payments you will be required to make before the insurance company are willing to take care of the bill.

If it turns out your existing insurance doesn’t cover you or doesn’t provide you with adequate coverage, then you should probably consider upgrading your plan, getting a new insurance policy or a supplemental plan to fill in the gaps.

Talk to your existing insurer about upgrading first, as you may be able to get a cheaper deal if you already have a history with the company. There is also likely to be less paper work to fill out than with getting a whole new policy.

Still for some people, it might be best to apply for cancer medical insurance from a new provider. Insurance plans, premiums and legislation are always changing. This is partly due to the plans themselves changing and partly due to you as a person changing as you get older. It is wise to look at what options are available every couple of years to make sure you are on the plan which is the best value and offers the best level of cover.

Supplemental policies are available specifically to pay for cancer care not covered by your existing insurance. Often, deductibles and co-payments that you would normally have to pay under your existing insurance will be covered under a supplemental policy. Our agents offer a range of supplemental insurance policies. To apply for cancer medical insurance, fill out the form at the top of the page to get in contact with a licensed agent right away.

It may also be worth checking out critical illness insurance (which we can also provide quotes for). These provide a payout on the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer. As always check the terms and conditions of such a policy to make sure you know what you’re getting and that you have the cover you want when you apply for cancer medical insurance.

If you have cancer

…and are not already covered under your existing insurance, or you don’t have insurance at all, there are still options available to you when you want to apply for cancer medical insurance.

Firstly, if you can find work with a company that offers comprehensive health insurance to its employees this is almost always the best way to get adequate cover at an affordable price. Obviously this can be difficult depending on how severe your illness and if you are already receiving treatment. If you have previously been covered by your employer, but have had to leave your job because of your illness you should look into COBRA which can extend your old insurance for a few months.

Next, it’s good to checkout Medicare if you are a senior, or Medicaid if you are on a low income. To apply for cancer medical insurance from Medicare or Medicaid visit their respective websites.

Many conventional individual insurance policies are likely to reject you if you already have cancer when you apply for cancer medical insurance, but there are range of other polices now on the market which could reduce the costs you have to pay for care and treatment.

Guaranteed issue health insurance will always accept you when you apply for cancer medical insurance. The costs may be more and the cover less, but these plans can be better than nothing if you are stuck for insurance. You will have to watch out for pre-existing condition clauses which may mean you won’t be covered for any cancer care for a set period of time, often a year, sometimes more. After this period has expired you will be able to receive the benefits of the plan to help pay for your care. Some guaranteed issue plans don’t have these exclusion periods so it is always wise to do your research to find the best plan for you. You can get quotes for guaranteed issue health insurance from us; just fill out the form at the top of the site. Keep an eye out for open enrollment days for Health Maintenance Organizations which often provide a very good level of coverage. At open enrolment days anyone will be accepted when they apply for cancer medical insurance, regardless of any medical conditions they may have. Discount health cards are also obtainable if you have been diagnosed with cancer. There is some controversy surrounding these cards about whether they are really worth it, but they can be beneficial in certain circumstances. Find out if the treatments you need are covered and do the math to see if the discounts you get outweigh the fees you have to pay.

Don’t overlook charities and health funds (for example the Hill-Burton fund) which can help cancer sufferers who don’t have any options left.

Whether you have cancer or are just safeguarding your future, a liscenced insurance agent will be happy to guide you through the process of how to apply for cancer medical insurance. To be put in contact with one, fill out our online form. I wish you the best of luck finding an insurance policy that works for you, and if at all possible a happy and healthy recovery.

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