A New Hope for Cancer Survivors

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Guaranteed Health Insurance Cancer Policies: A Lifeline

A distressing situation overcame Patricia Campbell, a Homemaker from Aurora, Illinois. The good news was that Patricia's husband, Edward, had survived cancer. They were, however, finding it very difficult to manage the health care expenses that resulted from treatment.

The lion's share of their income was spent towards paying the bills for his surgery, prescription drugs and doctor visits. These ongoing treatments are essential if survivors are to maintain a good level of fitness. The problem was that Edward was not covered by real health insurance.

This is commonplace across the nation. Over 80 million citizens have inadequate health plans should they fall victim to a life threatening disease.

If this occurs, it is likely you'll spend five or more years without insurance due to the fact that standard insurance companies will not accept a cancer survivor for at least five years.

The problem with a lot of the plans open to survivors of cancer is that they do not offer all the cover the people require. Comprehensive insurance policies for health are ideal because they cover all the main medical expenses cancer survivors normally incur. However, these plans tend to be more costly

It is important to weigh up the insurance costs and benefits when purchasing for survivors of cancer. Check what a policy covers and what all the different fees are; not just premiums but deductibles and co-payments as well.

Some companies are not concerned with the person’s wellbeing, only the wellbeing of their own pocket. These types of companies can trick people into buying policies which are not suited to their needs or do not pay out when they are advertised to. If people have been rejected many times when applying for cover for survivors of cancer, they can get desperate and these are the kinds of people unethical vendors prey on.

Such inadequate policies many times are not a good deal for cancer survivors. On our agent leads page we go into detail about these plans for patients with cancer.

Cancer survivors have rights by law that protect them once they are insured. The problem is these protections only come into play upon acceptance, not before. There is currently no protection in place which guarantees survivors insurance for health.

This may change in 2014 if Obamacare is not repealed. Until then survivors must wade through the different policies offered by insurance companies and try and find a legitimate one that meets their needs. We can help you with this process. Fill out our form to speak to an agent who can help you find the right policy for you.

There is no need to panic. We have good news for those like Mr. Campbell. We provide insurance for survivors of cancer that does not discriminate against people with preexisting conditions.

Cancer survivors are welcome to enroll in one of our policies and we guarantee them acceptance. Our polices give you access to our Preferred Provider Organization network re-pricing which offers you savings on many health care services

Among many new features offered by us, we are now proud to announce our lead program for registered agents. All participating agents will receive free, real time exclusive leads via email and soon straight to their cell phones. This ensures no wait period for our clients and thus the highest level of consumer satisfaction in the insurance industry.

Have a look at our preexisting conditions page for more information on the policies we provide.

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