Real Health Insurance for pre-existing Condition!

Summarized View:

A hot debate had cropped up between Patricia Lewis and Betty Davis. Betty was of the opinion that people with a condition that is pre existing could not be covered under any real coverage. Patricia thought otherwise. She claimed that medical insurance was now available for such people.


An ad said recently that a real plan for health is now available for all Americans which Patrica believed. Both Patricia and Betty are correct in their respective stands. Most insurance companies express little interest, in fact, hostility in providing insurance to people with preexisting conditions.


Compulsory insurance is not mandated by federal laws to give coverage to patients of cancer who are uninsurable because of conditions that are pre-existing.

Employees who are working are helped a bit by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, but the provisions are insufficient to help cancer patients facing huge medical expenses without the benefit of group insurance.


Affordability is an impossibility for cancer patients to often find. Even getting a quote from a reliable company can become an issue. The only solution would be a good plan that accepts applicants who are ill. Desperation arising out of refusal to provide coverage by company after company drives these decent but unfortunate Americans into fraudulent traps laid by dishonest merchants.


Unscrupulous merchants lure such cancer patients who do not qualify for standard insurance for health into enrollment in their phony schemes. Such fake schemes provide very little financial support to the cancer patients during real health care needs.


Beware of these so-so plans for insurance. Promises made are promises that are kept and we never refuse coverage to anyone. Our plan is a real one having PPO network re pricing that gives cancer coverage along with big savings.


Visit our insurance page for cancer health to get details on our real guaranteed health insurance plan where cancer patients never suffer from unceremonious rejection.

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