Common Practices when Seeking Health Insurance

Summarized View:

Every day, more and more people decide they need health insurance. Normally they decide because they fear how they will pay medical bills if they don’t have insurance. But the benefits and level of cover offered by different insurers varies hugely.

Still, all insurance policies have one thing in common; they payout for your health care bills up to a defined limit.

In general, people don’t get very excited about health insurance. It’s not one of life’s most exhilarating elements like, say, base-jumping from the top of Niagara falls or dinner and a movie with Mila Kunis. But still, at one time in their life, most people get a dull feeling in the bottom of their stomach or a nagging voice at the back of their head which convinces them it’s time to sort out their health insurance.

Now whether this realization comes before they need medical care is down to the individual. If they haven’t realized before they reach the hospital, they are bound to once they are lying in a ward bed. They better hope it’s just something minor, and not something more long-term that might necessitate pre-existing medical insurance.

For some of the people in the United States, even a regular checkup with doctor can be the wakeup call that health insurance is really crucial in order to live a healthy and stress-free life. Even if you are suffering from a major disease, pre-existing medical insurance will help you.

There are basically three kinds of health care insurances on the market, which include the plans for self-insured persons or uninsured individuals, managed care plans and indemnity health plan. You can be insured even if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

The self-insured or uninsured group of people generally comprise of the ones who are unemployed or not presently working. Pre-existing medical insurance is the right choice when one suffers from any kind of medical trouble.

There’s a chance you might already know something about managed care plans as they often play a major role in newspaper stories, magazine articles and TV reports.

Medical health insurance plans come in three main flavors.

The most popular flavor is an HMO or Health Maintenance Organization. If you’re signed up for one of these you pay so much a month and get great-tasting medical care in return. OK, it might not taste so great, but at least it’s medical care.

If you suffer from diabetes or cancer, you can get hold of pre-existing medical insurance right away and all your troubles will simply float away.

The next flavor is a PPO or Preferred Provider Organizations network. People who have this pay a set amount of money before hand and are paid back by the insurer at a later date.

The final flavor is a POS or Point of Service plan. It’s a little rarer than the other flavors. People with this plan don’t have to pay deductibles or co-payments..

The main disadvantage of this plan is that if the insured person requires medical treatment outside the referral network, then a heavy amount of deductible is levied on him in addition to some extra charges.

Aside from the plans mentioned here, there are a lot of other plans available, for example employee-group plans. These tend to only be available to people who work for medium and large companies.

Such plans are commonly known as indemnity plans and although these plans provide the least amount of restrictions compared with the others, such health care plan are invariably the most costly ones too. Pre-existing medical insurance has a solution for each of your health-related problems.

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