Dental Health Care Is Not Only For The Brainy

Summarized View:

“Paris, thank God you bought a dental health care policy and came for a check up!” The dentist exclaimed peering into Paris’ mouth.

“Doc, why do you praise my dental health care policy so much! What good has my dental health care policy done for me? Please tell me! I’m excited!” Paris was flush with excitement now.

“God, Paris, you’re not going to believe this, but right now I can see your brain stem sticking out from a hole in the roof of your mouth. Imagine, if you hadn’t bought a dental health care policy and come for a checkup, we wouldn’t have discovered this serious condition at all!” The dentist informed Paris in a rather grim tone.

“Wowie, just imagine all this is happening because of my great, brand new dental health care policy!” Paris excitedly chirped.

“Good God Paris, now I can see your cerebellum through your mouth! Hey, there’s a tooth stuck in there, Paris! And it’s got the word K-Fed tattooed on it! Holy Jeepers!” The dentist was going crazy seeing all this.

“Doc, promise me you won’t tell my best pal Britney that you saw her ex-husband’s tooth stuck in my cerebellum! That’ll kind of mess up our relationship! God, now I wish I hadn’t bought this dental health care policy!” Paris moaned.

“Heavy water pick God, Paris, now I see a hole in the floor of your mouth and I can see your lungs. God, there’s smoke coming out of them and going straight to the nerves in your brain socket. I’ve never seen shit like this all my life! You’re a museum case, Paris!” The dentist was shouting now.

“Museum case, wow! Doc, isn’t that wonderful. See how much publicity my brand new dental health care policy got for me!” Paris snickered.

The doctor passed out.

The moral of this story is that you won’t go through such an experience at your dental clinic provided you buy your dental health care policy from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible dental health care policy because we are networked with the best dental health care companies in the business. Go ahead; take a dental health care policy from us; and become brainy!

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