Affordable Dental Care Plan Frees You From Bondage

Summarized View:

“Hiyeeeeeya,” Paris Hilton screamed as she crashed her knee into Britney Spears’ mouth, “Honey, now I’m sure this will make you realize the importance of taking an affordable dental care plan!”

Affordable dental care plan? Wazzat Paris? He, he, I don’t feel the need to pick up a affordable dental care plan, so whatcha gonna do about it, Paris, honeysuckle?” Britney mocked Paris in a bitchy tone.

This enraged Paris who was a great fan of affordable dental care plans. She wrapped Britney’s jaw with barbed wire. “Now how about this, will this barbed wire across your mouth convince you to take a affordable dental care plan!” Paris shouted in a fit of rage.

“Ha, ha, Paris. Nothing happened to me. Your barbed wire sucks. Nothing is going to convince me to take an affordable dental care plan! Do what you like!” Britney replied confidently.

“Oh yeah, you mentally deficient baboon, try this for size!” Paris said, smacking a baseball bat across Britney’s mouth.

Nothing happened to Britney. She stood there looking and laughing at Paris and mocking her about her affordable dental care plan. Paris leapt up in the air and landed Britney a fierce Jiu Jiutsu kick on her mouth. But even that had no effect. Paris was perplexed – she had smacked Britney so many times and yet she was refusing to buy an affordable dental care plan! More disturbing than that was the fact that so much physical punishment was not hurting Britney.

“Wait till we land on earth and I’ll convince you to buy an affordable dental care plan, Britney! I vow on the nuclear fuel in this space ship!” Paris said in a sulking tone.

These two moron bimbettes were fighting in outer space wearing astronaut suits! Ha, ha!

The moral of this story is that an affordable dental care plan is not valid if you develop dental problems in outer space. However, if you’re no planning to pay a visit to outer space, then why not buy an affordable dental care plan from Y’know, we can give you the best possible affordable dental care plan because we are networked with the best affordable dental care companies in the business. Go ahead; take an affordable dental care plan from us; but don’t expect it to work in outer space!

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