Wanted: Best Dental Coverage

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Like any typical adult, Camille has bills to pay, and gets by with her work as a waitress at the local diner.

But Camille does not want to "just get by" in life and afford only the basic necessities. She wants pearly white teeth to go with her checkered uniform. She also wants to have the best health care plans for herself, and by 'best', she means the best dental coverage her money can afford. With her limited income, she knows she'd have to scout for the best dental coverage.

Camille's employer doesn't provide for dental benefits, but her employer is only a part of a statistic: 35% of large employers in America don't provide dental benefits to their employees. Camille is also a statistic: 108 million Americans don't have dental plans. This is the enamel-hard fact on dental plans: many don't have the best dental coverage or, worse, have nothing at all and only wish that their employees would provide them with the best dental coverage.

Camille's diligent online search for the best dental coverage brought her to Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com, the best provider of the best dental coverage.

Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com offers to people like Camille choices of the best dental coverage - the must-have deals in best dental coverage.

It has three best dental coverage plans. Plan 1 offers 30 national and regional plans that offer 10% to 60% discounts on most dental procedures for as little as $79.95 annually for individuals. Plan 2 covers all dental procedures and reimburses plan holders for the cost of dental procedures for as little as $18.50 for individuals.

Plan 3, meanwhile, offers savings of 20% to 60% for as low as $11.95 a month per family.

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At naaip.org, we try our best to make the best dental coverage accessible to as many people as possible. We believe all Americans deserve to have a great smile, like a birthright.

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