The World’s Gonna End: Buy Health Insurance Now!

Summarized View:

President George Bush chewed on his cigar. The world was gonna end and all Americans needed to buy a dental health plan right way because they were gonna die eating.

God, Bush thought, he was doing whatever was in his power to protect Americans. Now, he had to protect them from overeating and getting their teeth spoiled rotten by passing a bill making them compulsorily buy a dental health plan. Bush summoned Condoleeza Rice.

“Condi, I want you to table a bill in the house making it compulsory for all Americans to buy a dental health plan. Second, call Gates in, I want to start bombing America’s farms.” Bush ordered.

“Prez! I can understand the dental health plan bit. But why do you want to attack our own farms!” Condi was alarmed now.

“Condi, listen, our scientist blokes have planted genetically modified crops all over the country. These crops are disease-, environment- and pollution-resistant. They can grow everywhere on their own. Plus they have a hyperactive libido; they are proliferating on their own! In 2 years we will have so much food that Americans will have to start overeating and that will spoil their teeth. That is my logic for making it compulsory for every American to buy a dental health plan. Now, get Gates in, we need to bomb our farms.” Bush explained patiently.

“That’s a great idea, Prez! You think we should bomb India too on the side? After all, they are importing nuclear fuel from us.” Condi contributed.

“Excellent plan! Let’s do all the three together together: dental health plan, farm bombing, India bombing. Now get Gates in.” Bush happily chirped.

The moral of this story is that genetically modified crops are not gonna spoil your teeth, but politicians surely will; unless you buy a dental health plan. Why don’t you buy your dental health plan online from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible dental health plan because we are networked with the best dental health companies in the business. Go ahead; take a dental health plan from us; and get your teeth bombed only by your dentist!

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