Cheap Dental Plans Don’t Promote Anarchy

Summarized View:

“Boo-Yaa, Snoop, what say you, my maan, either we pick a fight with da Knuckleduster Posse down by the bronx and get our teeth busted and then repair them using our new Balboa cheap dental plans?” Ray-D suggested to Wood Boss.

“Bo Jook, Ray-D, way too much pain, bud-bud. What say we floss our teeth with some barbed wire laced with some calico white powder. That be better way to use our new cheap dental plans, my maan.” Wood said, rejecting Ray-D’s plans.

Ray-D was clearly hurt now; his creative idea of using his new cheap dental plan was summarily rejected by Snoop. But he decided to persevere, “Fu-schniken, Snoop, what say we implant mini hand grenades where our teeth are missing. That way if any Federal picks up a noise with us, we just pull the pins and kaboom him and then we go to the dentist and use our new cheap dental plans! That’s an A-bomb idea, Snoop!”

“Man, you can’t nuke a government artist like that, Ray-D! Don’t jump the broom, Jay! Just because you want to use our Khoja-Ghazi cheap dental plans, that don’t mean you start giving me some la vida loca ideas!” Snoop was furious now.

Tears rolled down Ray-D’s cheeks. He had bought a cheap dental plan and couldn’t use it the way he fancied. “K, I got it, Snoop. Let’s feast on lizard soup and raw beetles. That’ll make us go high noorotic and spoil our teeth too! Then we can use our cheap dental plans!” Ray-D excitedly said.

“That’s an A-idea! Real kewl red-light SOB idea! Done! This is the best way to enjoy our new cheap dental plans!” Snoop finally agreed with the creative Ray-D.

We donno what happened next but we’ve heard that both men have been arrested.

The moral of this story is that if you are a rap artist, you probably don’t have any teeth left and you don’t need any cheap dental plans.

However, guys, if you’re looking for cheap dental plans, why don’t you take them from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible cheap dental plans because we are networked with the best cheap dental companies in the business. Go ahead; take cheap dental plans from us; Boo-Yaa!

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