Put Your Foot Down: Dental Insurance Coverage

Summarized View:

Growing up in a ghetto didn't stop Mark Mathers from growing up well adjusted, so unlike his cousin infamous Em&Em. He believes that things can, and will, get better. So he works hard, and works long hours as janitor in Fortunoff store in New Jersey.

Every night, Mark goes home to a loving wife and an adorably spoiled brat named Morris, in a small but very clean apartment.

Mark one day found his six year-old tyke in the bedroom floor tinkering curiously with a tooth. Morris held it up for his father to see.

"Daddy, i pulled dis teeth out myself," he said, smiling.

Morris' left front tooth was gone. The father looked flabbergasted.

"Don't be mad, thaddy. Mom wanted to see a denthist, but we don't have dental insurance coverage."

"She said that we don't have dental insurance coverage?"

Mark paused. His eyes then lit up. He remembered that his family didn't have any dental insurance coverage.

"Oh yeah. We don't have dental insurance coverage."

Mark had ordered dental insurance coverage from Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com but changed his mind shortly after. Mark was still remembering this incident when he noticed that Morris was staring at him, puzzled.

"Don't worry about it, tiger. We're going to get a dental insurance coverage so we can have a dentist pull your teeth."

Morris shook his head and protested against his dad getting dental insurance coverage.

"You don't want any dental insurance coverage, Morris?"

The tyke shook his head again.


He shook his head again. Mark decides to put his foot down.

"All right, if you don't want any dental insurance coverage, I'm going to pull out allof your teeth by myself – with a pair of pliers!!!"

Morris stared long and hard at his father. He then cried. Of course, it took Mark many hours to calm and Morris and make him understand the importance of having dental insurance coverage. Mark followed through on getting dental insurance coverage from https://naaip.org/health-insurance/directory after.

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