A Love Life with Health And Dental Insurance

Summarized View:

Thirty-two year old George Patmor, a health and dental insurance agent, has always been on the receiving end of a heartbreak. He'd been dumped so many times by so many women, he wonders sometimes why he was even born.

One day, he visited his mom to figure out why he always got dumped. "Perhaps I have THAT face only a mother can love," he thought to himself. Of course, he didn't really believe it. But then, he needed his mom to affirm this.

They were sitting on the couch when they talked heart to heart.

"Mom, do you think I'm ugly? Honestly, do you think I am?"

"Oh poor you, honey. Of course not. Wherever did you get that idea?"

"I don't know, mom. I've always been dumped."

George's mother looked at her son thoughtfully. She leaned over and sniffed him at the armpits. She then opened his mouth and smelled him there.

She crinkled her face at George.

"Do YOU have health and dental insurance for yourself?"

George looked surprised because she knew George has health and dental insurance.

"Yeah, I do have insurance for myself from Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com . But I've never used my insurance."

"And why is it that you haven't used your health and dental insurance? Didn't you smell your breath recently? Your teeth too are too yellow."

George began to protest.

"I'm you're mother and you will do as I say. You go see your dentist with that health and dental insurance and get a cleaning and mouth wash."

George's mom then shooed him out of the house so he could use his insurance on that day.

George now has a girlfriend that he doesn't want to introduce to his mom. But at least they've been going out steadily for six months now and, for a change, the girl might just be on the receiving end of a heartbreak now. But we won't go into that.

We're only glad that George is using health and dental insurance regularly now.

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