Straight Eyes on Discount Dental Plans

Summarized View:

Yuri Colden has a lingering addiction to discounts. He'd buy every discount he'd come across - even if it meant discounts for the latest bras and panties.

His addiction got so bad, he didn't even know it. One day, after a night of intense love making, Marge, his girlfriend, discovered unopened packs of women's underwear in his closet. Thinking he was gay, Marge stomped off in a huff while Yuri was still asleep and snoring.

Yuri was devastated when he read Marge's email after that morning. It said: "I would've understood if you were addicted to discount dental plans because they're great. But women's underwear?!"

It was a turning point for Yuri, and he made every effort to narrow his discount addiction to discount dental plans. He bought every imaginable discount dental plans from us here at

When he could no longer bear the concentrated addiction to discount dental plans, he joined a support group called DDP-Aholics anonymous (Discount Dental Plans-Aholics Anonymous).

On his fifth day of joining his support group, he was asked to tell his story.

"Hello, my name is Yuri and I am a discount dental plans addict," Yuri began.

He continued, "I used to be addicted to all discounts, even those for women's underwear. But my girlfriend dumped, and said she would've understood if i was addicted to discount dental plans ... So here I am, concentrating my addiction to discounts to just discount dental plans -- "

Just then, the steady creaking of door opening stopped Yuri in his monologue. A blond crop of head peeked through the door. The face looked familiar to Yuri – it was Marge. The ex-lovers locked their looks at each other for a long ten seconds, before the therapist butted in.

"Uh-humm. So, are you a discount dental plans addict too?"

Marge didn't stop staring at Yuri when she talked to the therapist. ""Yes, I am a discount dental plans addict too.

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