How To Get Child Dental Health In a Quickies?

Summarized View:

Sam Colby's son Daniel was already on his fifth trip to the dentist when Sam decided that he didn't anymore want to pay the dentist, even if it cost his child's dental health.

He wanted to get a dentist to work on his child's dental health for free. Of course, being the cheapskate businessman that he is, he went about looking for a child dental health plan that wouldn't ask him to pay any premium. His fevered search for a free child dental health plan dragged on for months, he didn't notice that Daniel was already beginning to lose his baby teeth, although he does see him move his teeth with his tongue. (We won't tell you that Sam is a clueless father.)

It was Angie, Sam's wife, who put her foot down on their child's dental health.

Sam was reading himself to sleep when he felt a warm breath trail from his neck up to his left ear. He couldn't contain his excitement.


Angie stuck her tongue to his ear and licked it. Then she let out a crooning conversation.

"I'm not going to go on until you promise you'll always have our child's dental health in mind. That you will stop searching for a free child dental health plan, and that you're going to pay for the best child dental health plan for Daniel."

Sam could barely move, but not because he wanted to protest about paying for Daniel's child dental health plan.

"ohhh.... okay... hun..."

Angie traced Sam's lips with her index finger ..."And one more thing... I found a great child dental health plan at"

Needless to say, the pleasurable marital battle that ensued was all for the best for Daniel. The morning after that fight, Sam immediate got a quote from us and paid for Daniel's child dental health.

As for Angie, we just bet she's smiling for reasons aside from Daniel's child dental health plan.

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