Medical And Dental Insurance Plan Coincidence

Summarized View:

Roy Poe used to meet Chynna Preston at neighborhood dances during the winter.

Chynna was, no doubt, a wonderful dancer. Holding her in his arms made Roy wish to get to know her better. It didn't take too many dances before began asking questions with little pressures of his hands. Without saying a word, she let Roy know that one day she would consent to more.

But that was not to be the case. During one winter dance, Chynna didn't show up. Not even a note to say "what" and "why". Roy went to two more winter dances before giving up on Chynna.

He went on to grow up, grow old, and became an actuary of medical and dental insurance plans, doing the math for different medical and dental insurance plan companies. He remembers the winter dances every now and then. Amidst medical and dental insurance plan paper work, the image of Chynna consumes him for moments at a time.

One night, Roy couldn't understand why he woke up in the middle of the night, but he felt the very compelling urge to open his laptop to write an email.

Fr: R.poe@.....
Subject: this isn't about medical and dental insurance plan

Chynna? Are you there? How are you? Do you still remember the guy you
used to dance with during winters in Belleville? That was me.

- roy
"Your provider of cheap medical and dental insurance plan

The reply came right away.

To: R.poe@cheap-dental-insurance.
Subject: Re: this isn't about medical and dental insurance plans

Hi, Roy!!! How are you? It's been a long time. Was it ten years since
our last dance? Help me do the math. :)

PS. Are you trying to sell me a medical and dental insurance plan?

The "this isn't about medical and dental insurance plans" worked!

It turns out Chynna had to leave Belleville a few days before their last dance because she went to Belgium with her dad, who got transferred there to do some actuary work for a medical and dental insurance plan company. Chynna was surprised Roy also works as an actuary for a medical and dental insurance plan company.

After getting over their similarities in medical and dental insurance plan, Roy asked Chynna if she still wanted to dance with him in Belleville. Chynna agreed - on the condition that they don't talk about medical and dental insurance plans.

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