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Deep Discount Plans

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Now Save 20% - 60% on Dental and Vision through our Nationwide Network Plans!

This is the #1 Dental and Vision plan available offering the best value plan on the market today. There are NO similar programs with better features, now with over 5.5 million members in the US!

Because of the high cost of health plans many individuals and their families were choosing to do without a good dental and vision plan. Now you can get this great plan at great rates, starting at $11.95 a month per family!

This plan also includes many Vision benefits

Over 30,000 dentists to chose from located all over the US.

Save 20 - 60% on:
Oral Exams, X-Rays, Fillings, Preventative, Root Canals, Crowns, Cosmetic, Dentures, Orthodontics including Braces for both children and adults. Plus Over 250 Procedures!

Only $11.95 for full family coverage or $108 per year, 25% off!


According to the American Dental Association, approximately 50% of the American public does not have any form of dental insurance. These individuals rely on their own personal income to pay for needed dental care.

This dental program is designed to lessen the burden to non-insured individuals for the cost of dental care by making dental care more affordable. Members of this plan and their household members can save on all dental care expenses through the one of the largest networks of dental care providers nationwide.

For individuals with dental insurance, our dental program can lessen the out-of-pocket cost. Many dental insurance plans pay less than 100% of the cost of care, and the preferred pricing schedule reduces the member's cost.

This dental program will provide cost savings not only on routine and preventive care, but on more extensive treatment such as fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures, bridges, oral surgery, and orthodontics.

The discounts on the dental program vary by geographic region. Each participating dentist agrees to charge our plan members according to the fee schedule for that geographic area. The fee schedule is a part of the participating dentist's contract. Currently our provider base for this program exceeds 30,000.

Money Back Guarantee:

We are so excited about our plan, and know that you are going to LOVE IT...

We are now promising a 45-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*!

If, during the first 45 days you decide to cancel this program for whatever reason, we will honor your request and send your money back,NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

*The Processing Fee is non-refundable.

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