To Choose a Dentist to Pay Dental Care Costs

Summarized View:

Marianne Lourdz was deep into her reading an ancient edition of Cosmopolitan magazine when her name was called. She suddenly dropped the magazine. She consciously picked it up, dropped it on the table, and nervously passed through the waiting door into the dentist's clinic.

Marianne is nervous about dentists and not about dental care costs. It all began in high school, when the school dentist (for reasons only the dentist herself knows) pulled her front teeth out unceremoniously -- with a pair of pliers. The subsequent teasing from her losing her front teeth crushed her self-esteem to bits. It got worse when she got some bridgework.

Now 24, Marianne wants to have false teeth permanently rooted to her gums at whatever the dental care cost. She couldn't care less about the dental care cost; she just knows she doesn't anymore want her front teeth to smile in front of her, regardless of dental care costs. But her nervousness turned nightmarish when she saw who was at the chair – it was the dentist in high school!

Marianne felt herself faint.

[Ten minutes later.] The dentist's face was hovering above her when she came to. Marianne jumped up from the chair but banged her head against the light.

"Awchh!!! Is this how much your dental care costs?"

The dentist - who didn't pay for her dental care cost - had a slight, slight look of remorse on her face.

"Why did you pull out my front teeth? Did you know that I only wished for my teeth for that year's Christmas?!"

To this, the dentist stifled a grin and explained. "Couldn't really do much there, dear. Your teeth were really weak. I just pulled them out before they fell off right before your classmates. That really would've made things worse for you."

"And I'm supposed to thank you?"

"Nope. But you should be glad you won't be paying me as much for the dental care costs. You did get a dental care cost plan from to cover for today's dental care costs, right?"

"Yeah. But you're definitely NOT the dentist that I want to pay for dental care costs."

Marianne sure is glad that the dental plan that'll pay for her dental care costs has a lot of dentists on its dental care cost network.

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