Guaranteed Health Insurance for Those Denied Coverage

Summarized View:

25 million Americans suffer from a health problem without proper health coverage to assist them.
Often insurers turn people down due to a pre-existing health condition which means insurers consider them more likely to make a claim.

Those who are self-employed, pursue dangerous hobbies or work in high-risk industries may also find that insurance companies do not wish to provide health insurance.

Denied Coverage? What is the Solution?

Fortunately, we have the answer. We provide:
• Guaranteed health coverage for employees in small businesses. Automatic guaranteed renewal of health insurance.
• Guaranteed health insurance access for individuals.
• Pre-existing health conditions will not eliminate your opportunity to receive the benefits of health insurance, including medical treatment.
• Federal government laws exist to guarantee this program.
• Enforcement of these rules will be carried out by the Secretary of Insurance who will enforce these rules for self-insured (ERISA) plans.
• Maximum consumer protection and marketing requirements are ensured for Guaranteed Health Coverage insurance policies including permissible tax deductions.
• Long term care plans are compatible with Medicare and other policies, but any duplicate benefits must be disclosed.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA, 1996) stated that health insurers can decide as to whether to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions or not. The official definition of such a condition is any mental or physical state whereby a medical professional has advised, diagnosed, cared for or treated a patient 6 months prior to the date of enrollment.

Who Provides Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance?

In all there are nine insurance companies nationwide who provide this niche insurance and we represent them all. As health insurance is state-regulated, it depends on where you live as to which providers are available to you. We are expert in these providers, their policies and their availability as per state.

Pre-existing conditions are not traditionally covered by insurance companies due to the elevated risk of policyholders making a claim. Costs associated with medical procedures can run into thousands of dollars for even a basic procedure, so as compared to the relatively low premium payment it is not economically viable to provide coverage.


Most customers wouldn’t be able to afford the premiums that could support the cost of expensive surgery, but lately limited benefit medical policies have become available through top-rated insurers who wish to dominate this niche part of the industry.

The Guaranteed Issue Exclusion Period

It doesn’t matter whether you have previously had insurance coverage; you may still be excluded. If you have been with coverage for three months, then they also have the right to deny you cover.

Applicants can expect to have to undergo a twelve month maximum exclusion period prior to being accepted for a policy. Full coverage is usually not granted from day one following enrollment.

HIPAA Compliance for Real Health Insurance Coverage

Enrollees should ensure that their chosen policy is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance means that your policy has contractual backing and the insurer is properly regulated. Failure to purchase an HIPAA compliant policy means that you are not secure in your contract and often you’d be better off without any coverage at all.

These flawed and unregulated policies will leave you paying regular premiums and when it comes to be time to make a claim, they’ll often leave you high and dry. A guaranteed-issue health plan as offered by us offers standardized plans for those with pre-existing conditions which are 100% regulated and secure.

The Best Plans from Trusted Providers

Our specially selected insurers are A.M. Best rated companies which guarantee our customers security with any pre-existing condition. Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance specializes in this niche market and has been providing top rated policies to those in need for decades. Those with illnesses MAY apply.

All are welcome to enroll in our guaranteed issue policies as we believe that all should benefit from the security that health insurance offers you, particularly those who experience an illness and all the difficulties that accompany it. Our PPO network re-pricing will further provide you with savings on your plan making those monthly premium payments easy to manage.

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