Get Full Coverage On A Dental Plan

Summarized View:

"Miss Paris Hilton, I have some very bad and nasty news for you. Firstly, I see that you have developed Periodontitis, a serous gum disease. Your dental insurance plan does not cover Periodontitis, Paris – you should have ensured you have full dental coverage. Now, you will have to spend $10,000 on its treatment or you will get crooked teeth. And that's not all, there's more." Paris' dentist informed her.

"Jeez!" Paris muttered. She didn't understand what that stupid dentist was talking about. She could just hear full dental coverage. She didn't give a damn.

"I also see that you chew a lot of gum, Paris. This may give you diabetes and, diabetes coupled with Periodontitis will ensure that your teeth fall off one-by-one. Poor Paris, you should have ensured full dental coverage in your plan! Now, you will have to spend over $25,000 to get this treated! Ha!" The dentist gloated.

"Ummm!" Paris mumbled. She didn't understand what the idiot dentist was excitedly saying. She could only hear full dental coverage.

"I can also see that you have been using methamphetamines, Paris! Now look you've got yourself a meth mouth and that's gonna cost you $40,000 to repair! What did I just say about full dental coverage, Paris? Ha, ha, you don't have meth mouth covered in your dental policy! Ha, ha, ha, ha!" the dentist gloated and gloated.

Paris was irritated now. Here she was trying to listen to K-Fed's hit rap numbers on her iPod and this moron dentist was gloating and saying something about a full dental coverage! Furiously, she yanked out her earplugs and asked the doctor, "So, what's new? Tell me something that I donno about full dental coverage!"

"Paris, you also have cleft palate, but that's OK, it's covered by your dental insurance policy. Though you don't have a model full dental coverage, I must say that you have shown extraordinary presence of mind getting cleft palate covered in your plan. So, tell me when should we start your treatment."

"Start now, Doc." Paris curtly said plugging her earphones back in her ears. The doctor rubbed his hands with greed – he was lusting for Paris' money.

The moral of this story is that every doctor is not a role model doctor, and even though you may be having a dental plan that provides full dental coverage, you should avoid greedy doctors. Come to us at Our policies not only provide you with full dental coverage, they also lead you on to the best dentists in the business. Y'know, our site is networked with the best online dental companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a super dental plan with full dental coverage. Go ahead; take a dental plan from us; and we'll put you on to the right dentist!

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