Guaranteed Plans Are Creditable Coverage (HIPAA)

Summarized View:

Although they differ substantially in age, Mr. Ronald Foster and Edward Parker had a common problem. Both of them presently did not have guaranteed health insurance coverage. Mr. Ronald Foster was 65 and had retired after an eventful career.


The guaranteed health insurance plan provided by his employer was no longer valid. Edward Parker, at 25, was an intelligent young man in search of a job and required guaranteed health insurance coverage till the time he could get a his first job after graduate school. When Edward finally got his foot in the door with his first "real" job his employer was expected to take over the responsibility of his guaranteed health insurance coverage.


The rising cost of healthcare and issues relating to affordability force millions of Americans like Mr. Ronald Foster and Edward Parker to opt for the guaranteed health insurance plan that is presented to them. Many decent folks, in their eagerness to obtain an affordable guaranteed health insurance plan overlook the possible pitfalls that they may encounter on the way.

Many health insurance agents will solicit you if they realize that you are attempting to obtain an affordable guaranteed health plan. These insurance agents will try to lure you with sweet promise of large discounts for medical emergencies and sell you a so called guaranteed health insurance plan which in reality is not a guaranteed insurance at all for pre-existing conditions.


Americans should understand that these are fake guaranteed health insurance plans aimed only to deceive you. In fact, the dishonest vendor dealing conning you has the sole aim of taking your hard earned money in exchange for a faulty guaranteed health insurance plan.


The good news for people everywhere is that we offer a real guaranteed health plan to clients. Our real guaranteed health insurance plan is regulated by Federal law and contractual obligations by quality medical providers and pharmacies.


Clients get huge discounts on doctor's visits, prescription drugs, and health care expenses, etc by using our guaranteed health insurance plan.


There is further good news for Americans in all 50 states that we do not refuse a guaranteed health insurance plan to any customer on the basis of a pre-existing health condition (even some with critical illness) or employment status. Seniors are also accepted. Do not allow this excellent opportunity to slip by.


Enroll under our affordable and user-friendly guaranteed health insurance leads plan today. For further details on our health insurance plan please visit Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance.

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