The Finding of a Dentist Monster

Summarized View:

Thirty-one year old Abe Gopher is finding himself waking up in the middle of the night because of his nightmares. He remembers his nightmares vividly and even feels cold as he remembers.

It was the same nightmare with some variations every night. He'd see himself walking on the sidewalks of Las Vegas and, after some time, he feels something breathing down his neck. Then he'd look over his shoulder and see a neon sign monster hovering over his shoulder. It read: Find a Dentist.

The Find A Dentist monster would follow him wherever he ran to. And just when he'd run towards a sign that said Dental Clinic, the Find A Dentist monster would suddenly disappear. Abe went to see Martin, his therapist, after a week of the Find A Dentist nightmare.

"Martin, what do you think it means if you're having nightmares of a Find A Dentist neon sign chasing you all over?"

Martin didn't look up from his notebook as he talked. "Well, it could be because you have bad breath and your subconscious is telling you to find a dentist."

Abe narrowed his eyes at Martin. "So you think I have bad breath? And you think it's the reason that why rarely face me while we're having sessions?"

Martin was still at his notes. "No, Abe. I just think that it's your subconscious telling you take better care of your teeth and find a dentist. Did you ever have I think you should get one now."

"Do you think it will scare away that Find A Dentist monster?"

The near childishness in Abe's voice made Martin look up and look at his patient squarely. But his voice was still in a near monotone.

"I don't know Abe. But I know that can offer you some very good affordable dental plans. I'm sure you can scare away that Find A Dentist monster with"

"But what if my dentist turns out to be a monster?"

Martin smiled. "Just come to me so we can talk your Find A Dentist monster into fighting your dentist."

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