Diabetes and Insurance: A Global Issue, an American Solution

Summarized View:

For those on low or average incomes, diabetes can be an expensive disease. The daily costs of tests and insulin, as well as frequent visits to the doctors, all add up.

It is therefore essential to have a diabetes insurance plan which caters to your condition’s requirements.

Payouts from diabetes insurance can really help pay for medical bills. Insurance for health also offers big savings on the costs of medications and visits to the doctor.

How does Guaranteed Issue plan helps? We have been serving the diabetic community for over thirty years and know the insurance requirements for each individual case of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Here are some facts about the global diabetes situation:

  • Approximately 285 million people worldwide had diabetes in 2009. By 2035, this number is reckoned to be around 450 million. This would equate to over 8% of the world’s adults.
  • Although worldwide the number of diabetes cases amounts to around 6.5% of the global population, the prevalence varies according to geographical location. The Western Pacific region has a rate three times higher than the African continent, although the African continent is increasing at the fastest rate.
  • Over two thirds of diabetes cases are in lower income areas. India and china have the highest density of diabetics at 53 million and 44 million diagnosed respectively.
  • The global age group most affected by diabetes is those between forty and sixty years of age. In the next twenty years, this figure is expected to shift to those aged between sixty and eighty years of age with around 200 million diagnosed cases.
  • Those diagnosed with diabetes are more likely to die prematurely according to global statistics. Non-transmittable diseases are responsible for almost two thirds of deaths globally.

How We Help ?

After you fill out the form at the top of the website, a local, licensed and professional medical insurance agent with call you with details of the plan most suited to your needs. You won’t have to wait, fill out any additional forms or be charged for the service.

If you sign up, you will receive reimbursement for the diabetic supplies you need. Tests, insulin, continuous glucose monitoring systems and medications are all covered.

A 2011 report by the American Diabetes Association found a need for diabetes insurance that is affordable, accessible and adequate. The report also found that diabetes is becoming more prevalent in young people who tend to have a harder time finding and paying for insurance. The lack of exercise and poor diet of current generations is only making the problem worse.

A lack of information and understanding about policies means some people fail to research and check their plans thoroughly enough before they make a purchase. People considering diabetes insurance must realize that not all plans are as good as they seem. You can always call us on the number at the top of the page for guidance. We are always happy to help.

We offer comprehensive and understandable insurance policies. Our diabetes insurance plans are fully fledged insurance policies that won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to making a claim. All are welcome with guaranteed insurance for health.

We know our insurance back-to-front and offer fully inclusive guaranteed policies for health for everyone at the best prices possible. Whether you are an individual, family, owner or employee of a business, or self employed, we have the plan for you.

We offer large discounts for the medical care and health services diabetics need. Our priority is the needs of our customers. The policies we offer are cheaper than regular insurance and are open to those with pre-existing conditions.

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