Best Offers on Diabetic-Insurances

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All of us need health insurance to take care of our medical expenses in times of need. But if you are diabetic it might not be too easy to obtain insurance for health. Most of the insurance companies show reluctance in offering health coverage to diabetics.


In the U.S., roughly 26 million people are suffering from diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that in the year 2007, it was among the chief cause of death in the country.

Diabetic-insurance is a costly affair for the insurers. The insurers are well aware of the risk involved in providing diabetic-insurances and how much would it cost them. The prime concern of these companies is making profit. And offering insurance to diabetics will obviously mean loss to them. The company calculates if the money received in the form of premiums is lesser than the money offered in insurance for health.

Research Helps

You will have to do lot of research before you settle for health coverage that suits your needs as a diabetes patient. Majority of the insurers will reject you for being a diabetic; others might ask you for higher premiums, and there will be some that might agree to offer you a quote but will not cover diabetes expenses in the insurance policy.

In the midst of these money-making insurers, guaranteed issue health plan offers genuine health coverage to its customers. We understand the predicament of our customers and want to help them in every possible way.

What makes guaranteed issue health plan stand out from its competitors is its authenticity. Diabetes is a pre-existing condition and a costly one. A diabetes patient has to shell out hundreds of Dollars in monthly expenditures. His regular insurance doesn’t cover these expenses. But guaranteed issue health policy is real and genuine.

Employers can get affordable quotes for their employees, even those who are diabetic. We do not discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions and treat everyone with equal eye.

We Promise only What We Deliver

Unlike other insurance agents, we do not make fake promises to our customers. For us the old phrase ‘Promises to keep’ holds true.

Every year, over 193,000 people in the US succumb to death because of diabetes. So allow us to take care of your health. Though this disease is not curable, timely prognosis and treatment can help a diabetic to live longer. Also, extra expenditures like loss of vision, hospitalization, and amputation can be avoided.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our representative to obtain health insurance for diabetes. Enjoy diabetic-insurance without compromising on anything. You are worth it!

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