A Real Health Care Discount Card as a Medical Plan

Summarized View:

Hope had abruptly turned into despair for Kenneth and Lisa. With the guaranteed health plan they possessed, they had hoped to get handsome financial discounts for health care expenses for treating, their only son, Bob who unfortunately was suffering from leukemia.


It turned out that the medical plan, under which they had obtained the real guaranteed health insurance, was not a affordable insurance. As a result, Kenneth and Lisa were not going to get any financial help to meet expenses relating to the treatment of Bob though they had a discount card under a medical plan.


Millions of decent Americans like Kenneth and Lisa don't enjoy health coverage under a real health plan although they possess a medical pre-existing for health care under a plan promising to reimburse or at least give discounts on expenses.


In reality, such cards do not provide any assistance and the poor clients are left to foot the huge medical expense bills from their own pocket since this plan did not provide any such help.

The rising cost of health care and lack of affordability has led many decent Americans to opt for a card for discount under a medical plan which promises huge discounts and all types of support in real medical emergencies. The unsuspecting client forgets to properly verify exactly the details of the card or medical plan.


Beware of faulty cards that claim to provide huge discounts in the event of the client incurring medical expenses.


These cards may be useful for some consumers looking for a supplementary way to save money on health care. Guaranteed health insurance, in spite of all the advertisements made to highlight their utility, are not real insurance plans.


The cards for discount are not an adequate substitute for health insurance. These do not pay health care costs but only gives you a list of providers who supposedly accept lower fees.


We proudly introduce ourselves as the leading insurance company that provides you a real medical health plan. According to a recent survey conducted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the national consumer protection agency, there are a few insurance companies that provide real cards and good coverage under a real medical plan.


We offer quality card for discount with no strings attached. We are health insurance specialists offering quality and comprehensive guaranteed health coverage for individuals, families, small business groups, employees, and self-employed persons at very affordable rates.


Our real discount card/health care medical plan provides the benefit of repricing which gives you savings on expenses in a medical emergency.


Top priority is given to our clients' needs. Our plan is an affordable improvement to traditional plans that will not cover most of the expenses incurred by you for health care.

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