Discount Dental Coverage Is Not A Useless Word

Summarized View:

“Hold still, Ms Paris Hilton, while I remove the putrid fish flesh stuck between your teeth.” The dentist ordered Paris Hilton. He was full of anger and hatred for her because she was using her discount dental coverage and that would ensure that he made lesser money than he would have made if Paris hadn’t used her discount dental coverage.

“Ahh, Doctor, you make such strong sounds with that equipment of yours’, Aaah.” Paris moaned.

“Paris, do you know that spitting out food is called chanking? Do you know that you should have chanked instead of coming to me and using your discount dental coverage?” The mean dentist remarked.

“Oooh, Doc, chanking is such a chunky and uplifting word! Oooh doc, discount dental coverage sounds so macho.” Paris moaned again.

The dentist was irritated now. Instead of feeling insulted, Paris was moaning stupidly. The doctor decided to get nastier and meaner, “Paris, did you know that Los Angeles' full name is 'El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula'. Ha, ha and all you know is about your discount dental coverage and how to pester me with it!”

“El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula. Doctor, what a wonderful poem that was.” Paris replied.

The doctor was disgusted now. Apart from that discount dental coverage fouling up his mood, that moron bimbette wasn’t getting his drift. He wanted her to go. Now.

“OK, Paris, your teeth are all done now and you don’t need no checkups for the next decade. The treatment is free because of your discount dental coverage. Bye. Ciao.” The dentist remarked.

“Teeth! Holy God, Doctor! I thought you were a chicken flu specialist! I have come to the hospital to treat my H5N1 avian flu infection! Gawd, I certainly hope you didn’t catch anything when you were breathing close to my open mouth!” Paris exclaimed.

The doctor fainted in shock.

The moral of this story is to go to your dentist with your dental discount program only when you have a dental problem and always buy your discount dental coverage from Y’know, we can give you the best possible discount dental coverage because we are networked with the best discount dental coverage companies in the business. Go ahead; take a discount dental coverage from us; and also buy a health insurance policy for chicken flu!

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