Discount Dental Insurance Plan Is Straight And Forward

Summarized View:

Sir E. John, a famous British singer, settled himself comfortably in the dental chair. Sir E. John was on a trip to America and he thought it prudent to pick up a discount dental insurance plan from our site, just in case any fan of his lost control of his senses and punched Sir E’s teeth. Sir E. John had saved a whole lot of money by buying our discount dental insurance plan and he had used up the saved cash to buy amyl nitrate, a substance that makes men go hyper and lose all control.

The dentist walked in. Sir E John took a good look at him. Ahh, Ooohh, what a fine specimen of mankind, Sir E John thought to himself. He felt happy that his discount dental insurance plan had saved him money, which he had used up to buy kinky stuff. Sir E John planned to use this kinky stuff on the dentist right here, right now.

The dentist approached Sir E John. “Open your mouth please, Sir E.” The dentist said.

“Hey, Baby Dyke, you look so butch! Wanna try out a whiff of amyl nitrate, my closet cross dresser?” Sir E’s approach was direct and dynamic. Before the startled dentist could even react, Sir E had shoved the bottle of amyl nitrate (which he had bought because our discount dental insurance plan saved him oodles of cash) under the dentist’s nose. The dentist’s blood vessels expanded, his heart started pumping, and he felt a hellva rush coming on.

“Hey, Sir E John, my fem fatale, thanks for that nostril swig! How the deuce did you make out I was a Baby Dyke, you fruit fly! By the way, how did you buy this expensive amyl nitrate? Did you pick up a discount dental insurance plan, save loads of money and buy it?”

“Gawd, Doc, you know about my discount dental insurance plan! Hot Dog, you are way too queeny!” Sir E said.

“OK, Sir E, say hip-hip-hurray for your discount dental insurance plan and let’s get nutty!”

The moral of this story is that even if you have bought a discount dental insurance plan, stay away from Sir E’s dentist. If you haven’t yet bought a discount dental insurance plan then are you looking for one? Y’know, our site is networked with the best online discount dental insurance companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a super discount dental insurance plan. Go ahead; take a discount dental insurance plan from us; we’re not that Sir E’s dentist!

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