Going Crazy over Discounted Dental Plans

Summarized View:

Bing Balmelli is an avid collector of discounts. She doesn't read magazines, she only looks them through to get discount coupons. She doesn't read dental health websites, she only googles "discounted dental plan" to get, well, discounted dental plans.

She always thought she could have it cheap. One day she signed up for what she thought was a discounted dental plan. She swiped her credit card right away and saw the dentist the week after for a general cleaning. It turned out the discounted dental plan ripped her off by giving only small discounts on dental procedures.

When she sat down at the dining table and did the math after her trip to the dentist, she realized she actually pays more.

A lost soul for tasting her first rip off, Bing started talking to herself.

[Taps forehead.] "Why did you sign up for the first discounted dental plan you saw online?"

[Grins.] "Because the guy on the website was cute?"

[Frowns.] "Ewww. Didn't you take a look at the other discounted dental plan websites?"

Just then Dax, Bing's son, came in. Bing, who was wearing mud pack and a towel over her head, jumped when she saw her son.

"Hi, Mom. How are we doing with the discounted dental plan?"

Bing's mouth smile downward.

Dax smiled knowingly. "You got ripped off with your discounted dental plan, didn't you?"

"How did you know?"

"I saw you doing your search. You could've asked me to ask around, you know. Most of my friends got their discounted dental plans from cheap-dental-insurance.com."

Bing narrowed her eyes at Dax. "Now why didn't you tell me about those discounted dental plans before?"

Dax shrugged. "Well, you didn't ask."

Bing tapped her forehead again, this time, in exasperation at her son for not telling her about https://naaip.org/health-insurance/directory's discounted dental plans sooner. Dax could only wonder if his mother was already that crazy about discounted dental plans, or just plain crazy.

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