Dahlia's Dental Care Elderly

Summarized View:

After 65 years on earth, Dahlia Myers now sports a genuine smile that's literally toothless.

Into her third year of staying at a home for the elderly, Dahlia is beginning to fall for Dan Arch, a fellow oldie who's a frequent partner at poker.

It all began when Dan teased her after he lost at a second round of poker.

"Okay, Dahlia. You keep all the cards while I have all of your teeth, if you ever get to find them."

We don't know if Dan noticed it, but after that, Dahlia had a bit more twinkle in her eyes.

Dan's words kept ringing in Dahlia's head. She really thinks Dan was liking her.

An idea then passed her by: If she could get a dental care elderly plan, she can actually give Dan her teeth!

Dahlia called up her daughter Jane to help her get a dental care elderly plan.

Dahlia: Hello, honey. Could you help me find a dental care elderly plan? I'd like to get some bridgework.

Jane: <suspicious> What's up with that dental care elderly plan, Mom? After five years of not having any teeth, you suddenly want a dental care elderly plan and some bridgework?

Dahlia: Hush, dear. I know you love me, so don't ask too much. Just get me a dental care elderly plan, okay? I'll pay you for my dental care elderly when I get my pension check.

After getting her dental care elderly plan from us here at https://naaip.org/health-insurance/directory, Dahlia immediately went to see a dentist to get her bridgework - flashing her dental care elderly card, of course.

It wasn't long after getting her bridgework that Dahlia played poker with her new teeth in place. Dan lost again. It was her time to tease.

Dahlia: Okay, Dan. I keep the cards while you keep my teeth.

Dan: <intrigued> Huh?

Dahlia: Hold out your hand.

Dahlia took out the false teeth that she got with her dental care elderly plan and put them on Dan's palm. Dan freaked out.

But Dan did ask Dahlia about her dental care elderly plan he recovered, and got a dental care elderly plan for himself. Unfortunately, no dental care elderly love story came out of it.

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