Advantages of Exclusive Health Insurance Leads over Shared Leads

Summarized View:

Why go for exclusive health insurance leads


There are several advantages in buying exclusive health insurance leads as opposed to shared health insurance leads. The first one is that you do not share a long list of prospects with other health insurance agents. The prospects you get are unique to you and therefore you stand a better chance of winning them over. This is unlike what happens with shared leads whereby the same prospects given to you are given to several other agents. At the end of the day, all these agents focus their attention on this one person and end up irritating him/her with offers, phone calls and emails. It becomes very difficult to convince such a person to choose your package over the rest as your method of approach is not different from theirs and therefore not convincing enough.

The chances of growing your clientele are higher as the potential clients given to you are usually serious. To make it to the list they must have shown real interest in getting health insurance. It is also easier to narrow down your search to the specific target you hope to do business with. In other words, you are in control of the leads, and will get only the kind of links you need. You will not have to deal with low-level affiliate links that are visited by all kinds of people, most of whom are not serious about buying health insurance.


This takes care of another problem – junk mail. Shared leads leave you open to receiving bulks of junk mail from people who came across your contacts in any of the many places where they were circulated. Sorting through all these unwanted mail can be tedious, time-consuming and costly as there is no guarantee that these people will become clients.


How to choose a health insurance lead company


There are many insurance companies selling exclusive health insurance leads. Choosing the company from which to buy your leads can be a bit difficult. You have to check the company’s performance in the market in comparison to other companies. Go for a lead company with a track record of success to increase your prospects of succeeding too.


Check whether the company gives free trials before buying. After you have tried their service, you will be in a better position to know how good they are in relation to other companies. Compare the pricing from different lead companies too to ensure that you get the best rates.


Buying this type of leads ensures that the company gives you a management system where you can monitor your leads, links and know your progress. It becomes easy for you to keep tabs on the business and know hen it is growing, going down and when it stalls.

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