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The Insurance Company agent glanced through the medical reports and pushed it back to Mr. Scott Davis with a solemn face. "I am really sorry Mr. Davis! You are uninsurable due to the pre-existing condition. We cannot provide you insurance for health due to such a preexisting condition", he said.


Qualifying for a plan having retired early and having just turned 61. Mr. Davis did not yet qualify for Medicare Part D or a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. He had owned and operated his own tobacco shop at the outskirts of town.


Modest income was not enough to meet the rising health care expenses. To solve this problem Mr. Davis was trying to purchase insurance for health. Unfortunately, he was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. According to the terms and conditions of most policies, this was a preexisting condition making the client uninsurable. Mr. Davis was uninsurable.


No Need To be Without Insurance

Millions of decent Americans suffer a similar fate as Mr. Davis as they have a preexisting condition in some form or other. When these unfortunate folks approach an insurance company to get enrolled in insurance, their application are turned down due to having pre-existing conditions like Advanced Emphysema,

Major cancers, viral cardiomyopathy, massive heart damage, AIDS, viral meningitis, Type 'A' Diabetes, and cirrhosis of the liver etc. Even acute Asthma for persons aged above 60 is considered a preexistent condition. Even the most respected insurance companies will not provide insurance if a client has such pre existing conditions.


Assurance by some agencies that you that you will not be rejected is fake. When a medical emergency occurs, you may be in for the shock of your life.


Real insurance may not be backing the medical card. Those folks ended up with a fake insurance plan that promises much but delivers nothing.


Beware! of the bad plans. Click here to get really good insurance. Our organization promises guaranteed acceptance even if the applicant is suffering from preexisent conditions. Faulty merchants who sell fake plans make you believe that you will not be refused insurance due to existing illnesses.


Compounding medical problems, these plans unfortunately provide no benefits at all. Such plans are no better than having no insurance at all. These plans impose hidden administrative charges on unsuspecting customers which exacerbates their medical problems, expenses and frustrations.


Insurance Providing PPO Discounts

The coverage provided by us offers considerable savings by re-pricing through PPO networks. People, whose insurance application was turned down previously get guaranteed acceptance from us..


What all promise we make, we know how to keep it, we believe that a person either have excuses or have results. We welcome you with open arms to enjoy benefits form our unique insurance for health today.

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