Guaranteed Issue Medical Insurance is Available

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Misfortune never strikes alone and neither did for Susan either. She was living happily with her husband Paul and two children and she never felt the need for medical insurance plan. But it all changed in just two days. Jeff, one of her children, met with a car accident on his way back from school that resulted in compound fracture leaving him in a terrible condition. Her other child Lisa was diagnosed with cancer by their family physician.

All of a sudden, their family financial planning went topsy-turvy as they were faced with huge healthcare expenditure. To make matters worse, the family was without any health care coverage let alone guaranteed issue medical insurance.

Susan is not the only person who went through this nightmare; there are many Americans who are travelling in the same boat. Thousands of happy family suffers every year as they do not have guaranteed issue medical insurance. Because of which they end up paying huge medical bills from their pocket that tumbles down their financial stability.

Insurance companies exclude their client from providing medical coverage if they have the slightest idea of pre-existing medical condition in them. Remember, however gracious an insurance company may be, but their core objective is to make profit and enrolling a person with pre-existing condition is considered as a definite threat to their profit margins.

Existing laws and regulations are liberal enough and do not pose any compulsion on the private insurance companies to provide coverage to people who already have a medical condition. Majority of the Americans are enrolled in coverage through their employer, in this case the coverage is provided regardless of the medical condition of the employees.

There has been dramatic rise in the medical care throughout the nation. The compounding need for a medical insurance coverage leads many people to fall prey to unscrupulous activities that are prominent in the market. Merchants representing fake insurance company often enroll you regardless of your past or present medical history.


Beware of the bad plans

The insured person gets to know about this trap only when he or she asks for financial assistance from such fake insurance companies. The result is that their condition gets even worse. They had already paid thousands of dollars as insurance premium, only to find out later that the insurance amount was quite small.

What makes our organization different is that insurance companies represented by us have high rankings from best credit rating companies in the world and we promise for guaranteed issue medical insurance plan. Families like the ones that of Susan are welcome at any time and we are sure we will find something for you.

For further details please visit our website or call now and talk to any of our certified and experienced insurance agent. You will feel peace of mind right from the very beginning of our business dealing.

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