Real Health Insurance for preexisting conditions

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The insurance industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in America.


The commissioner of insurance is right after the governor and the attorney general in prestige and responsibility. Many times the commissioner is elected directly by the voters. The bureaucrats in the insurance departments of all 50 states have formulated laws to make all insurance plans sold in their state insured by a state guarantee insurance pool.


If ABC insurance company goes bankrupt, runs out of town, etc. it is then the responsibility of the remaining insurance companies that are doing business in that state to cover ABC insurer's obligations to the clients. Of course, there are limitations.


In Florida, an insurance policy for health is insured by the state guarantee pool fund up to $100,000.


If circumstances change, it is the insurance commissioner's job to minimize the damage by suspending the right of the insurer to sell new policies and/or to transfer the insurance company's in -force policies to a more stable insurance company.

What is HIPAA, and why is it important to real insurance for health?


It is of paramount importance to be insured by a HIPAA certified coverage provider. HIPAA certification means that when you switch to another insurer the new insurer cannot implement a waiting period to cover your existing illnesses. This includes cancer, diabetes, etc. Under the HIPAA compliancy law, as long as the client does not have more than 63 days in coverage lapse and provides a certificate of credible coverage his preexisting conditions must be covered under the new policy.


This fact is crucial to obtaining a new insurance coverage. If however there is a 63 day lapse, there will be a 12 month waiting period.


HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was instituted on August 21, 1996 by President Bill Clinton to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care. Most insurers were to comply with the HIPAA regulations by October 2002 and smaller health care providers by 2003.


Title I of HIPAA regulates the breadth and availability of group insurance plans. It also controls the restrictions a group plan puts on someone with preexisting conditions. Group health companies can refuse to provide benefits for pre existing conditions for a 12 month period, given no certificate of credible coverage is provided, and for a period of 18 month in case of late enrollment.


It is advisable to get familiar with the HIPAA certification laws especially when switching to a group plan, in order to know whatyYou're entitled to.


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