Where To Find Family Dental Care

Summarized View:

Ben Reflek was one day strolling his baby in the mall when he bumped into Jennifer Enriquez, an ex-girlfriend. Although he wanted to duck and run, it was too late.

Jennifer was already waving and smiling at him. Ben knows he loves his wife and baby, but for some reason, he felt tense when he saw his ex. Ben remembers Jennifer as the only girlfriend who their relationship public– they went out to meet people more than they spent nights together, alone.

But the thought is not helping Ben feel less tense. Jennifer grazed his
hand when she peeked into the stroller.

"Oh, what a cute baby you have here."

Ben cleared his throat. "Uhmmm. Yeah."

When Jennifer stood straight to talk to Ben, the tension in and out of our big daddy was so thick, it could be cut through with a knife. Thankfully, is talkative – and dense. She gave Ben a big hug. "Good to see you again, Ben. How are you?" "Uhmm. I'm good. I was just looking around for a family dental care plan."

Jennifer was wide-eyed. "In the mall? There ain't any family dental care here in the mall. Why didn't you go on-line for some good family dental care?"

"Well, I just felt like bonding with my junior today and thought we could shop some family dental care together."

"Well you do look good together shopping for that family dental care. If you get tired, just check Naaip.org. You'll find some great family dental care plans there."

"Haha. Okay. You sell family dental care plans for that family dental care provider, don't you?"

"No, but I did get a family dental care plan for them with Plinky."

Ben raised his eyebrows. The name sounded familiar.

"Plinky? Plinky the family dental care plan agent?

The ex-girlfriend outlined a smile. "No. Plinky the lesbian lover."

Then he remembered – Jennifer had left Ben for another woman five years ago. Ouch, but at least Ben knows now where to get family dental care.

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